Orleans no Sei Senshi ~ Uranus - Neptune no Uragiri

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Orleans no Sei Senshi ~ Uranus - Neptune no Uragiri (オルレアンの聖戦士~ウラヌス・ネプチューンの裏切り ; "The Holy Warriors of Orleans ~ Uranus and Neptune's Betrayal") was a song from the Sailor Moon musical Eien Densetsu. It was a slower-tempo reprise of the melody from "Orleans no Sei Senshi," but sung by Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, and with only one verse. The instruments used were a duet of a piano and a violin, the instruments that Haruka and Michiru played, respectively.



リラの風吹く 誘いか
おぼろ水面の ヴィヨロンか
夢よ 惑いの徒し世に
咲きし ひと振り 花の剣


Rira no kaze fuku izanai ka
Oboro minamo no viyoron ka
Yume yo madoi no adashi yo ni
Sakishi hitofuri hana no ken

English Translation[edit]

Is the invitation blowing in from the lilac breeze?
Is it the violin of the smoky face of the water?
Dreams are like following a maze
The sword of flowers that we swing has come into blossom