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Episode Data
Mako lifts Misha
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 妖魔とペア!? 氷上の女王まこちゃん
Name (Romaji): Youma to Pea!? Hyoujou no Joou Mako-chan
Name (Translated): Paired With a Youma? Ice Queen Mako
Name (Viz Dub): Paired with a Monster: Mako, the Ice Skating Queen
Episode Number: 39
Director: Kazuhisa Takenouchi
Writer: Megumi Sugihara
Animation Director: Kazuko Tadano
Air Date: January 9, 1993
Previous Episode: The Snow! The Mountains! Our Friendship! And of Course, a Youma Too
Next Episode: The Legendary Lake Monster! Usagi's Family Ties
First English Dub Episode
Name: Ice Princess
Number: 35
Company: DiC
Air Date: October 27, 1995
Previous Episode: Ski Bunny Blues
Next Episode: Last Resort

Kunzite uses the Silver Millennium's most popular sport, figure skating, to set a trap for Sailor Moon, but ends up drawing in Makoto instead.


As Usagi and Minako watch television at Usagi's house with Luna and Artemis, they are captivated by the Olympic gold medalist figure skating duo, Janelyn and Misha. Luna and Artemis recall that Princess Serenity was a talented figure skater, and they suggest that Usagi is beginning to be more aware of herself as the incarnation of the princess.

Meanwhile, Kunzite presents to Queen Beryl his plan to use figure skating as a way to lure in Sailor Moon and take the Silver Crystal from her. Prince Endymion appears and mocks Kunzite's ideas, but Queen Beryl stops them from quarreling and gives Kunzite permission to execute his plan.

As Janelyn and Misha practice at an ice rink they get into a fight about their current inability to work well together. They both threaten to break up their partnership when Kunzite appears above them and announces that they have been chosen to work for the Dark Kingdom.

Minako and Usagi drag Rei, Ami, and Makoto to the new Juuban Ice Arena so that they can receive a free skating lesson from Janelyn and Misha, who are there to commemorate the opening. The two blondes manage to convince their friends to come in to see why the free lesson is only open to groups of five girls. Shortly after the girls get their skating outfits and skates on, Misha and Janelyn make an entrance onto the ice, impressing the masses of girls. Makoto especially notices Misha. Janelyn introduces the event and invites Usagi and her friends to be the first onto the ice. Usagi admits to having no experience on skates and proceeds to wipe out horribly as soon as she steps on the ice. Rei, Ami, and Minako skate along at a moderately slow pace, but Makoto passes them by easily and continues to skate gracefully around the rink, pulling off a number of jumps and twirls in the process, getting Janelyn and Misha's attention. The brunette earns a round of applause from the audience and a smile from Misha, making Janelyn jealous. Meanwhile, Usagi's other friends try desperately to help her stand on the ice.

As Janelyn sits inside a room with several monitors, scanning each girl in the rink for a physical match to any of the Sailor Senshi, Kunzite appears on one of the monitors to check up on her. Once he leaves her alone, she notices Usagi struggling on the ice and concludes that this cannot be the warrior known as Sailor Moon. A monitor showing Misha talking with Makoto and Rei then catches her attention. Misha is actually not paying attention to the flustered Rei at all, but asks Makoto to skate with him. Makoto thinks that he resembles her senpai, while Misha secretly suspects that she may be Sailor Moon. He tries to lift her above his head, but she ends up lifting him above her head instead, astonishing everyone. They continue to skate together as Janelyn looks on jealously. She tells everyone over the P.A. to leave the rink at once. When Makoto turns to leave, however, Misha takes her hand and convinces her to stay.

Ami, Rei, and Minako file out of the arena along with all the other girls, and meet Luna and Artemis. Just as the three are explaining Makoto's situation, the doors of the arena close violently behind them, locking Usagi and Makoto inside. The other three girls suspect that the Dark Kingdom is involved. Meanwhile, Usagi has snuck away from her friends to try to convince the figure skating duo to give her lessons.

Janelyn flies into a rage as Misha and Makoto skate around the empty arena, making her punch through the monitor, and accidentally smacks Usagi in the face with the door as she storms out of the monitor room, without noticing the girl's presence. Usagi peers into the monitor room just in time to see a monitor showing a match between Sailor Jupiter's characteristics and the video feed of Makoto, before the broken monitor explodes.

Janelyn steps onto the ice and tells Misha that if he leaves her she will kill him. Though Misha tries to calm her down, she transforms into a Youma and kicks Makoto away from him. Janelyn then induces Misha into transforming into a Youma as well, and the two then team up and attack Makoto simultaneously. Usagi arrives in the rink area just in time to see this attack, and immediately transforms.

Just as the two Youma are preparing their final attack, Sailor Moon grabs their attention with a speech, and as she jumps down to the ice, blades appear on the bottom of her shoes. The Youma laugh at her horrible landing onto the ice and prepare a new attack aimed at her. Tuxedo Mask appears on skates just in time to scoop Sailor Moon out of the way, saying that he does not like that the Youma involved an innocent person. When the Youma attack him, Tuxedo Mask hurls Sailor Moon into the air so that they miss, and this time she lands well. She jumps successfully again on her own to avoid another attack, making her very pleased. Unfortunately, the Youma finally land two attacks, sending Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon into the boards. Sailor Jupiter suddenly enters with a successful Supreme Thunder attack. She pleads with Misha to return to his former self, at which point the other three Sailor Senshi also arrive.

Kunzite appears in the air above all of them, reprimands Tuxedo Mask for interfering with his plan, and activates a device planted in the ceiling which sends a blast of ice-cold wind down onto the rink, freezing everyone, including the Youma. Kunzite tells them that he will return when they are all turned to ice to get the Silver Crystal. Tuxedo Mask takes out his cane and throws it at the device on the ceiling, breaking it and cutting off the wind. On Sailor Jupiter's cue, Sailor Moon takes out her Moon Stick and heals the pair. When they come to their senses, Misha and Janelyn seem to have forgiven each other, and they skate happily around the rink.

That night the five girls stand under a street light, trying to comfort Makoto. She says she isn't bothered all that much by what happened, and decides to just find another guy. Just then, a cute boy walks past the girls and Makoto immediately starts crushing on him, professing that he looks like her senpai. The other girls are completely blown over in disbelief.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • When Sailor Moon was about to land on the ice surface, skate blades appeared on the soles of her boots; this implies that the Senshi's uniforms can adapt to the environment.
  • As Misha transformed into his Youma form, a phrase from Verdi's Dies Irae played in the background.
  • When Usagi was sneaking through the halls of the rink after it was closed she was simply making nonsensical noises, however the ADV DVD release subtitled them as, "And I run swiftly over here."
  • In the episode preview before the title screen, Sailor Moon made reference to two real-life figure skaters, Midori Ito and Katarina Witt.
  • When Tuxedo Mask asked Sailor Moon to jump, she did a clockwise quadruple axel, a jump which has never been done by any woman in competition, which seemed to prove that Princess Serenity was indeed a gifted skater.


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