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Parallel Inners is an unofficial term used in reference to the team of Sailor Senshi who appeared in the story "Parallel Sailor Moon." The team consisted of Kousagi, Ami Jr, Rei Jr, Mako, and Mina. All of the girls were eight years old, and were led by Kousagi and a nameless pink cat, who in her human form bore a vague resemblance to Chibi Chibi.

Since the story in which they appeared was very short and did not give much detail, the girls' Senshi names were never given, nor was it revealed whether or not the girls' mothers were also Sailor Senshi as well.


  • Though there are no canon names for the Parallel Inners, fans sometimes refer to them as "Parallel Sailor Moon" or "Sailor Parallel Moon" for Kousagi, "Parallel Sailor Mercury" or "Sailor Parallel Mercury" for Ami Jr, "Parallel Sailor Mars" or "Sailor Parallel Mars" for Rei Jr, "Parallel Sailor Jupiter" or "Sailor Parallel Jupiter" for Mako, and "Parallel Sailor Venus" or "Sailor Parallel Venus" for Mina.