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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, commonly referred to as PGSM by fans, is a live-action version of the Sailor Moon series produced by Toei. The series includes a 49-part television series, which aired every weekend morning on the Japanese CBC/TBS network, in collaboration with local stations throughout the country, from October 2003 to September 2004, as well as two extra parts first released only on DVD/VHS after the series ended. It also has two related shows released on different media, a dance instruction VHS, a radio program series, a number of children's mascot stage shows, numerous albums, TV series DVDs, printed publications, toys, licensed household products and stationery, and even some public service banners. This sentai-flavored tokusatsu drama series was based upon the first manga story arc, and notably featured Keiko Han as Luna, revisiting her role from the anime series.

Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon, was involved in the production throughout the series, including the casting of main roles, the design of new characters, and the present of jackets for the starring actresses during winter shooting. Some of the actresses starring (and, for some, debuting) in the series, most notably Keiko Kitagawa, have become well known since the series ended with film roles, TV appearances, idol products, etc.

The series has never been aired outside Japan, although fansubs of it (as well as its non-TV/related shows) on the internet are commonplace, and audio-visual products (and other merchandise) of the work are also readily available for sale on the internet. Information is also available at the official websites, complemented by numerous fansites all over the world.

On December 8, 2023, it was announced that a special called "Sailor Senshi Dousoukai" featuring the cast of the Inner Senshi will be released on December 25 of the same year on CBC to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the series.


Usagi Tsukino was an ordinary teenage girl until she encountered a talking plush cat named Luna and discovered that she was a Sailor Senshi, destined to protect the Princess and the world from the evil forces of the Dark Kingdom. As Sailor Moon she fights, later joined by Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Luna, and occasionally helped by the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. Eventually Usagi discovers that she is the Princess they were all searching for, the reborn heir to the ancient Moon Kingdom and wielder of the Silver Crystal.

The Senshi must deal with their civilian lives and relationships, fight the minions of Queen Beryl, and come to terms with their past lives and how they impact the present day. Their experiences will leave them forever changed, and alter the destiny of the Earth forever.



Episode Title Air Date
Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon! October 4, 2003
Act 2 - Ami Became a Friend October 11, 2003
Act 3 - The Third Senshi is Miko Rei October 18, 2003
Act 4 - Sneaking into the Party! October 25, 2003
Act 5 - Is Usagi a True Friend? November 1, 2003
Act 6 - The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter November 8, 2003
Act 7 - He Saw Me Transforming! November 15, 2003
Act 8 - Rei and Her Father November 22, 2003
Act 9 - I'll Protect the Legendary Silver Crystal November 29, 2003
Act 10 - I am Queen Beryl, Queen of Darkness December 6, 2003
Act 11 - We Got to Meet the Real Minako! December 13, 2003
Act 12 - Sailor V's True Identity was the Princess! December 20, 2003
Act 13 - The Last of the Shitennou, Kunzite, Appears December 27, 2003
Act 14 - Usagi is Turning into a Youma? January 10, 2004
Act 15 - I'll Punish the Thief! January 17, 2004
Act 16 - I Must Save Osaka! January 24, 2004
Act 17 - Minako Transforms in Front of Rei's Eyes! January 31, 2004
Act 18 - At Last, All Five Sailor Senshi are Together February 7, 2004
Act 19 - Usagi's Nervous Valentine February 14, 2004
Act 20 - Hina was Mamoru's Fiancee... February 21, 2004
Act 21 - What Did You Do to Ami? February 28, 2004
Act 22 - Ami Becomes an Enemy March 6, 2004
Act 23 - In Order to Awaken Her Senshi Powers, Rei Sings March 13, 2004
Act 24 - I Can't Forget About Mamoru Chiba After All March 20, 2004
Act 25 - So Tuxedo Mask's True Identity was Mamoru Chiba... March 27, 2004
Act 26 - Usagi is the Real Princess! April 3, 2004
Act 27 - Luna Became a Sailor Senshi! April 17, 2004
Act 28 - Welcome Back, Ami! April 24, 2004
Act 29 - Minako's Rival, Mio Kuroki, is a Transfer Student? May 1, 2004
Act 30 - Mio Deceives Usagi May 8, 2004
Act 31 - Jupiter Awakens Her Senshi Powers! May 15, 2004
Act 32 - Mamoru Came Back May 22, 2004
Act 33 - Ami is Changing Schools? May 29, 2004
Act 34 - A Mother-and-Daughter Talk June 5, 2004
Act 35 - Sailor Venus and Zoisite are Working Together? June 12, 2004
Act 36 - Princess Sailor Moon Appears! June 19, 2004
Act 37 - The Princess Will Cause a Catastrophe!? June 26, 2004
Act 38 - Believe Me! I Definitely Won't Destroy the Planet! July 3, 2004
Act 39 - Usagi's Mother's Challenge as a Reporter! July 10, 2004
Act 40 - Minako vs Rei, Where's the Battle? July 17, 2004
Act 41 - Actually, I'm a Senshi! July 24, 2004
Act 42 - I Won't Use the Power of the Legendary Silver Crystal! July 31, 2004
Act 43 - Usagi and Mamoru's Promise August 7, 2004
Act 44 - Zoisite Turned Back into a Stone August 14, 2004
Act 45 - Youma Metalia's Violent Attack August 21, 2004
Act 46 - Sailor Venus Awakens her Senshi Powers August 28, 2004
Act 47 - Goodbye, Minako September 4, 2004
Act 48 - Mamoru is Captured by Metalia! September 18, 2004
Final Act - The Five Sailor Senshi Surpassed Their Previous Lives September 25, 2004


Episode Title Release Date
Special Act - We're Getting Married! October 26, 2004
Act Zero - The Birth of Sailor V March 25, 2005

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  • Around the time of the series' airing, Naoko Takeuchi published a re-edited and partially rewritten new edition of the manga series (including Codename: Sailor V), complete with brand new covers.
  • The series adopts a newly designed title logo, which does not use the long-established typeface of the old ones used in the anime and the original edition of the manga. The new edition of the manga adopts the new logo (and Codename: Sailor V uses a modified version of the new logo), so does the current official Sailor Moon website (the front page uses a heavily modified version of the new logo, and the inside pages use the exact new logo).
  • The official English title of the series ("Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon") is different from that of the anime and the original edition of the manga (which was "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon"). The new edition of the manga and the current official Sailor Moon website adopt the new English title.
  • The series timeline matched that of the real-life timeline in which it aired, between October 2003 and September 2004.

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