Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 2

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DVD Information
Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 2
Season: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
DVD Region: 2
Catalog Number: BCBS-1813
Release Date: April 23, 2004
Audio Tracks: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD chronology
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 2 was the second volume of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon television series, and was available in both DVD and VHS format. The DVD version also included the second "Oshiokiyo" omake as an extra, this one featuring Miyuu Sawai (Usagi Tsukino) and Rika Izumi (Ami Mizuno).



Sailor Moon ni Oshiokiyo[edit]

  • The girls talked about Act 5, and mentioned that the staff especially enjoyed working on the episode. Miyuu teased Rika about her acting during the scene where Ami first used Usagi's name. They pointed out that when Sailor Mercury confronted the Youma, it was the first time she used the "it's no use running" line with the accompanying finger gesture that became almost one of Mercury's trademarks, especially in her Dark Mercury stage. Rika said that the gesture was not originally in the script, but was a suggestion from the director.
  • Miyuu mentioned that while she was supposed to be filming Usagi's reaction to something serious that Ami had said in Act 5, she asked Rika to repeat the line, claiming that she had forgotten it. She was trying to to tease her fellow actress, who had already left the set, but Rika took it seriously and made a flustered attempt to get back into character.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 5 where Usagi and Naru found Ami after she collapsed at the slumber party.
  • Discussion moved on to Act 6, and the girls talked about how much fun it was to play basketball. Rika mentioned that Miyuu was really good at it, and Miyuu teased Rika about how she did not even know how to elbow someone, and accidentally hurt herself (and the other actor) while doing it. They talked about how cool Sailor Jupiter was in that episode, and how she destroyed the enemy all by herself.
  • They talked about how Makoto Kino was in a different class than their characters at school, and wondered if she had friends of her own in that class. Rika suggested that Makoto ate lunch with Ami on the roof. Miyuu observed that Makoto's cooking skills were never really mentioned.
  • They talked about Act 7, and Miyuu said that riding the roller coasters was fine, but there was one ride that lifted her up and then dropped and that one scared her a lot. She said that she had to get off the ride while on camera even though her legs were shaking so much she could hardly stand. Miyuu said that when she and Masaya Kikawada were on the boat together and Usagi started splashing water at Motoki, she could not see the water and ended up scooping up a lot more than she had meant to, and got him really wet.
  • They watched the scene in Act 8 where Zoisite appeared outside the window of Minako's limo and talked about how scary it was. Miyuu accidentally referred to Zoisite as "Jadeite," much to Rika's amusement.
  • A deleted scene from Act 8 was shown, where Usagi expressed her concern to Ami about how Rei and Makoto were not getting along. The two of them then watched as Naru, Momoko, and Kanami practiced for the Nako Nako contest.
  • Miyuu commented that Act 5 and Act 8 seemed to be very different; she said that Acts 1-5 had one storyline, but then starting with Act 6 the story began to change. She also observed that the four Senshi had not fought together yet, and they did not really know Minako, who still had not appeared much on screen even in her idol persona.
  • When they were supposed to talk about the episodes on the next DVD, Miyuu turned it over to Rika, who just said that everything was about to happen.