Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 3

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DVD Information
Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 3
Season: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
DVD Region: 2
Catalog Number: BCBS-1814
Release Date: May 28, 2004
Audio Tracks: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD chronology
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 3 was the third volume of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon television series, and was available in both DVD and VHS format. The DVD version also included the third "Oshiokiyo" omake as an extra, this one featuring Miyuu Sawai and Keiko Kitagawa.



Sailor Moon ni Oshiokiyo[edit]

  • The two actresses discussed their first impressions of each other. Miyuu and Keiko said they were already big Sailor Moon fans so they had a lot to talk about, and they were both very excited at the auditions. Keiko said that she thought at first that Miyuu looked like she would be very quiet, but only a second later realized that she was the perfect Usagi. Miyuu said that Keiko seemed to be a very mature person, like a big sister, but later discovered she could be very childish as well. Keiko mentioned that at first, when she made a mistake she would get really flustered, and Miyuu teased her about it.
  • They watched a clip from Act 9 of Usagi disguised as Tuxedo Mask, and Miyuu said that she looked very silly but Keiko thought it looked cute. Miyuu replied that she thought she was using a manly voice at the time, and Keiko said it sounded just like her normal voice.
  • They watched a clip from Act 10 where Usagi started crying, and Keiko said that it was a difficult scene and she almost started crying too just from watching Miyuu. She said that she always wanted to start crying when she saw other people cry, and pointed out that even though Rei should not have been crying in that scene it looked like she was about to.
  • They showed an unused clip from Act 10 where Motoki and Mamoru talked about Usagi after she left Karaoke Crown, then one where Rei promised the ill Erika that they would definitely save her.
  • Miyuu mentioned that when they were filming the Ferris wheel scene in Act 12 it kept raining, so that it took a long time to shoot because the staff had to dry off the outside of the car and get the right camera angles. She also mentioned that Ayaka Komatsu disliked the whipped cream on the piece of cake. They had to fill out a form at the audition with their likes and dislikes, and even though Ayaka had written that she disliked whipped cream, they still made her eat it. They then showed a behind-the-scenes clip of Miyuu happily eating her piece of cake while Ayaka watched, her own piece untouched.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 11 with Zoisite playing his Requiem, then one with Mamoru discovering the website about the "Star Festival" and realizing that the "V" meant Sailor V.
  • Miyuu talked about having to use the trampoline to film action scenes and said that it was very scary. She added that she was getting very good at kicks, but Keiko said she was not very good at them. Miyuu encouraged her to go practice and Keiko replied in a sulky tone that she did not like them, but then laughed and said she really should practice because the director had been yelling at her.
  • When asked to describe what was coming up in Act 13 Miyuu made a heart sign with her hands and said it was like that. Keiko mentioned that Usagi was going to become closer to Mamoru, and Miyuu said she hoped it would make everyone's hearts go "kyun!" Keiko said she could not be like Usagi, and Miyuu suggested setting her up with Jadeite.