Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 8

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DVD Information
Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 8
Season: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
DVD Region: 2
Catalog Number: BCBS-1819
Release Date: October 22, 2004
Audio Tracks: Japanese
Subtitles: None
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 8 was the eighth volume of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon television series, and was available in both DVD and VHS format. The DVD version also included the eighth "Oshiokiyo" omake as an extra, this one featuring Miyuu Sawai and Ayaka Komatsu.



Sailor Moon ni Oshiokiyo[edit]

  • They showed a clip from Act 30 with Mio Kuroki, and Ayaka and Miyuu both said Mio was scary. She acted like a perfect girl but was exactly the opposite. Miyuu said both of her grandparents hated Mio because she was mean, but Miyuu had assured them that in real life Alisa Yuriko Durbrow was a really nice girl. The girls wondered if the younger fans yelled at Mio to go away when she appeared on TV because she was so mean.
  • After watching a clip of the volleyball game in Act 29 Ayaka asked who had done the stunt where Mio served the ball, because it had looked really powerful. Miyuu said that Alisa did it herself, and asked if Ayaka had ever watched volleyball before, because it had not looked very good to her. Miyuu added that they had changed some things, like lowering the net so that even when Mio was not jumping very high she looked almost like she was flying, and that Alisa was actually bad at volleyball.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 29 where Ami told Makoto that she thought Mio had kicked Usagi on purpose, but Makoto told her she was probably overreacting. Ami thought for a moment and agreed, and the two of them went to get something to eat.
  • Miyuu said that when they filmed the scene in Act 29 where Mio and Usagi were talking and Mio crushed her ice cream cone, Alisa actually burned her finger on the ice cream because she had to hold it for so long that when they finished filming her hand had turned blue. Miyuu said they had a lot of ice cream for that scene, but she just stared at it. Ayaka congratulated her, but then Miyuu admitted that she ate it, too.
  • When asked what kind of person Minako was, Ayaka said she was very serious and stubborn, then added that she was sickly, too. Miyuu asked if it was hard to develop the character since she had so many scenes by herself, and Ayaka admitted that it was. Miyuu said that Minako would get sick and collapse, but at other times was full of energy, and Ayaka replied that she was just hiding her pain. Miyuu observed that she always thought that would be hard and Ayaka agreed.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 31 where Luna went to the theater where Makoto and Motoki were watching a movie, then sat down behind them in her human guise.
  • The girls said that they thought Sailor Jupiter's awakening was really cool and they liked it. Miyuu said she also thought Sailor Mars' had been cool as well, and observed that all the Sailor Senshi had their own pose, though it did not originally start that way in the script. They discussed the different hand poses and decided that Makoto's must be the hardest to do. Miyuu said that since her attacks were done with the Moonlight Stick it was hard for her to do a cool hand pose: she could only hold her first two fingers together either at her temple or chin. Ayaka suggested that she hold her fingers against her lips, and Miyuu laughed and said it was like she was saying she would punish her opponent with a kiss.
  • They showed an unused scene from Act 31 where Usagi, Ami, and Rei talked about Makoto and Motoki. When thinking about the two of them on a date Usagi got a little subdued, so Ami immediately tried to cheer her up by suggesting they sing karaoke. Later, Usagi wondered if Motoki was really Makoto's type, but the other girls were glad she had someone because she was so alone. Usagi pointed out that she had her friends, but Rei said she needed someone after her friends had gone home.
  • Miyuu said that in upcoming episodes there would be new cast, and that Act 35 was very sad. Ayaka said that people would probably cry, because she did, but Miyuu pointed out that Act 33 and Act 34 were happy. Miyuu said that if a middle school girl and her mother were to watch the episodes together that might be good, because that was the kind of story it would be.