Princess Kakyuu Burns Out! Galaxia on Earth

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The Three Lights announce that they are breaking up and will have a final concert, but during the concert Sailor Galaxia appears and attacks the Sailor Senshi.


Episode Data
The Three Lights' final concert
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 火球皇女消滅! ギャラクシア降臨
Name (Romaji): Kakyuu Purinsesu Shoumetsu! Gyarakushia Kourin
Name (Translated): Princess Kakyuu Burns Out! Galaxia on Earth
Name (Dub): Princess Kakyu Perishes: Advent of Galaxia
Episode Number: 195
Director: Masahiro Hosoda
Writer: Kazuhiko Kobe
Animation Director: Michiaki Sugimoto
Air Date: December 14, 1996
Previous Episode: Holy War in the Galaxy! Sailor Wars Legend
Next Episode: Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy! Sailor Senshi's Final Battle

Usagi sits in the bathtub, thinking about Mamoru, and about what Seiya had said to her on the school rooftop. When she returns to her room, Rei is waiting there with Chibi Chibi. Rei tells her she needs to decide what she is going to do about Seiya. Usagi looks at the picture of Mamoru on her desk and wonders what he is doing now, and finally admits to Rei that he has never answered any of her letters since he left. Chibi Chibi suddenly interrupts their conversation by turning on the radio, just in time for them to hear an announcement that the Three Lights are breaking up after their next concert.

The Three Lights tell Princess Kakyuu that they will definitely call up the Light of Hope at their concert. Seiya, however, is distracted by thoughts of Usagi.

Rei, Makoto, Ami, and Minako meet at the Fruits Parlor Crown, and Ami tells them that she checked with the university in America and found that Mamoru never arrived. They are concerned for Usagi and wonder that she must have been worried all this time without letting them know.

Usagi and Chibi Chibi walk down the street and run into Haruka and Michiru. They tell her not to see Seiya, because she has Mamoru, and she replies that while she loves Mamoru, she loves everyone else as well. They say that they will go with her while she says good-bye.

Fans begin to gather at the concert hall as the Three Lights prepare for the show backstage. Usagi arrives at the dressing room, closely followed by Haruka and Michiru. Seiya asks for the others to leave, and they reluctantly agree. Once alone, Seiya tells Usagi that he meant what he'd said, but understands that she is in love with her boyfriend. He says that he just had to tell her before "Seiya" went away, and now he can do the final concert with all his energy. Usagi feels sorry for him, but he tells her not to worry, and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

As they wait in the hallway, Yaten and Taiki tell Haruka and Michiru that the battle will begin soon and they won't be able to win. Haruka and Michiru reply that they will not fail, because they have something to protect with their lives.

The Three Lights head out toward the stage, determined to succeed in their search for the Light of Hope. After the Three Lights sing their song, "Todokanu Omoi", they announce that at this, their final concert, they hope their last message will be heard. They start to sing "Nagareboshi He", and the roof of the concert hall opens to show the sky outside. As Chibi Chibi watches from the audience, she begins to glow with a faint pink light. Suddenly, Sailor Tin Nyanko interrupts the concert and the fans run away, screaming.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive, and Sailor Tin Nyanko starts to attack, but seems to be fighting an inner battle. They realize that she is being controlled by Sailor Galaxia's bracelets, and since she was halfway healed by Sailor Moon she is fighting it. The Three Lights transform into the Sailor Starlights, and Sailor Star Fighter blocks the Animamate's attack with Star Serious Laser. The rest of the Solar System Senshi arrive and start to argue with the Sailor Starlights over who will fight Sailor Tin Nyanko, but Princess Kakyuu interrupts them and agrees with Sailor Moon that they should all work together.

Just then, Sailor Galaxia arrives, shrouding the city in red light. She takes Sailor Tin Nyanko's remaining bracelet, and the Animamate disappears. Galaxia then focuses on Princess Kakyuu, recognizing that she was the one who tried to awaken the Light of Hope, and sends a powerful attack at her. Princess Kakyuu blocks the attack, and tells the Sailor Starlights that since they cannot defeat Galaxia, she will hold her there until they escape. Her defenses are worn down quickly, though, and Galaxia takes her Star Seed. Sailor Moon is enraged and uses Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, but it has no effect at all on Galaxia. She announces that next time she will take everyone else's Star Seed, and vanishes.

As Princess Kakyuu is dying, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon takes her hand, and she feels a warm energy. She opens her eyes and says, "The Light of Hope..." before fading away. Sailor Star Fighter screams in grief.

Sailor Galaxia begins to bombard the Earth with black lightning, and the collected Senshi look determined.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • The title of this episode contains a mild pun; because Princess Kakyuu's name literally means "Fireball Princess," the title can be read as "The Fireball Princess burns out!"
  • In the German dub, the Three Lights sang translated versions of the songs that played in the original Japanese version, but "Todokanu Omoi: My Friend's Love" had different instrumental music. This was also the only time that song appeared in the dub, and its full version never received a translation beyond the brief scene in this episode.


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