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Rika Izumi

Rika Izumi (泉梨華), formerly known as Chisaki Hama (浜千咲; meaning "thousands of flowers blossoming at the shore"), born October 11, 1988, in Kyoto, Japan, is an actress who played Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury/"Akumi"/Dark Mercury/"Sailor A" in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. In the Special Act and Act Zero, she went by the name of Rika (梨華). "Chisaki Hama" was a stage name coined by the head of her agency, as a well-wishing for her career to "blossom" in multiple fields of the entertainment industry. Her real name has the same pronunciation as her current stage name (泉里香) and her prior one (泉里果); it was never explained why she used "Rika" for the DVD/VHS-only PGSM episodes. The meanings of both of her last names are related to water ("Hama" meaning "shore"; "Izumi" meaning "spring"), the element of Sailor Mercury.

She was 14 years old at the start of filming, making her the youngest Senshi actress besides Rina Koike, and among the youngest of the regular cast. Before her work in PGSM, she had virtually no experience in the entertainment industry, except for a debut single released by her own agency shortly before PGSM. However, she was the major exclusive model of the now-nonexistent preteen fashion magazine melon. After her retirement from modelling, the magazine publisher had tried using a substitute model who was styled exactly like her, but the magazine was closed not long after.

Her sudden retirement was a big mystery among her fans for some time. The official reasons given by her agency were about health and school, with no indication that it would be permanent. However, after the release of Act Zero in early 2005, she did not appear in the public eye again for several years, with two minor exceptions: there was a one-page article featuring an old photo of her published in the idol magazine g-girl in 2005, and she played a minor role in the Chinese film The Go Master in 2006.

During the time she remained in "retirement," her agency progressively shrank her official homepage until it disappeared altogether, although they continued to sell her goods at the site until February 2007. She still occasionally met with the other four Senshi actresses, all of whom were still working in the entertainment industry; as such meetings were blogged by the other four, they became the only way her fans could learn about her recent activities, although the other actresses took care to not mention her name outright nor post her photos. This practice lasted until her comeback in 2008, when she was first mentioned by her current full stage name on Keiko Kitagawa's blog, and first appeared in a blog photo again on Ayaka Komatsu's blog.

In June 2008, at the age of 19, she first reappeared after her long hiatus as one of the twelve finalists in the "Princess Pinky Audition" held by the prestigious fashion magazine PINKY, although she did not win its Grand Prix (and the magazine was closed not long after). She also appeared in the August and October 2008 issues of the young women's fashion magazine Ray, and later became an exclusive model for that magazine.

In an internet press interview in early 2009, she revealed that her entertainment activities went to a hiatus when she entered high school because she wished to place a priority on her schoolwork, and after she was admitted into the Department of Literature (majoring in English and American literature) of Meiji University (the same institution Keiko Kitagawa attended) in 2007, she "re-debuted" in the summer of 2008.

Personal Trivia

  • After her "re-debut," she has talked about her wish to achieve "sexiness and cuteness" like Marilyn Monroe.
  • She was the only Senshi actress to have her own official fan club during the airing of PGSM.
  • Although she was scouted by her first agency, she joined her next agency for her "re-debut" just by sending in her photos.
  • She is currently affiliated with the same agency as Keiko Kitagawa.
  • She has been a long-time Dragon Ball fan, and owns a complete collection of the manga.
  • Among the other four Inner Senshi actresses, she is closest to Mew Azama, who also blogged about her most during her years of hiatus. The two of them have said that they consider each other like sisters, and she has also said that Mew advises her regarding her work as well as private matters.
  • She studies French as her second foreign language in her university.
  • She has three different personal blogs - two for PC access and one for phone access.
  • Her dream is to open her own fashion shop with her own fashion brand.



  • In October 2007, someone claiming to be Rika posted a video for the song "Koisuru Soldier" (恋するソルジャー ; "Soldier in Love"; Rika's first single released under the name Chisaki Hama) and several low-quality cellphone videos on YouTube, and also created a website which was allegedly her new official site for American fans. Though the one responsible for this has not been named, both were proven fake.
  • Though numerous websites had stated for years that her birthdate was November 10, 1988, when she joined her current agency in June 2008, the agency's website showed that her birthdate was October 11, 1988. The confusion was finally cleared up when Mew Azama mentioned on her blog in November 2008 that Rika's birthday had been in October.

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