Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia's Threat

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The Outer Senshi attempt to fight Galaxia, but their attacks barely affect her - and when she offers them the choice of joining her, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus accept.


Episode Data
Neptune and Uranus surrender to Galaxia
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 銀河の支配者 ギャラクシアの脅威
Name (Romaji): Ginga no Shihaisha Gyarakushia no Kyoui
Name (Translated): Ruler of the Galaxy, Galaxia's Threat
Name (Dub): Ruler of the Galaxy: the Menace of Galaxia
Episode Number: 197
Director: Hiroki Shibata
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Shigetaka Kiyoyama
Air Date: January 18, 1997
Previous Episode: Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy! Sailor Senshi's Final Battle
Next Episode: Disappearing Stars! The End of Uranus and Neptune

Sailor Galaxia gloats over the Star Seed of Earth, while Sailor Moon mourns her lost friends. Galaxia talks about all the Star Seeds she has collected, and Sailor Moon becomes more upset, asking why she is doing such a thing. Galaxia says that the owner of this Star Seed asked the same thing, and shows Sailor Moon what happened to him.

In a flashback, Mamoru's plane is hit by a bright light and transported to Galaxia's dimension. He appears on the wing as Tuxedo Mask and confronts Sailor Galaxia; she tells him that the entire galaxy belongs to her and she can do as she pleases. He attacks her and she takes his Star Seed, but before he dies, he tells her that the Sailor Senshi on this planet will stop her.

Sailor Moon is left frozen in grief, unable to move even as Sailor Galaxia fires a blast from her bracelets at her. Sailor Star Fighter jumps in front of Sailor Moon to protect her, but before the blow can strike, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights disappear in a surge of pink light.

Galaxia's power surges over the Earth, removing the Star Seeds of all the people there.

Sailor Moon awakens to find herself in the control room with the Outer Senshi, the Sailor Starlights, and an exhausted Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune go to confront Galaxia, refusing to allow the injured Sailor Starlights to accompany them. The Sailor Starlights mourn that they once again have survived without their Princess, and have yet to find the Light of Hope. Sailor Saturn tells them to believe in their Princess, and she and Sailor Pluto go to fight Galaxia as well.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune attack Sailor Galaxia, but their attacks have no effect. As Galaxia is about to finish them off, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto arrive and join in the fight.

Back in the control room, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon wakes up as the Sailor Starlights say that they have nothing left to protect. She walks over to them and repeats their words, making it a question. They suddenly remember the Inner Senshi asking them to protect their Princess and their planet, and Sailor Saturn asking them to believe in Sailor Moon. They get to their feet, determined not to waste the lives that were saved by those people, and Sailor Moon joins them.

The Outer Senshi attack Sailor Galaxia, but she mocks them for their weakness. Sailor Saturn declares that she will destroy Galaxia, even if it costs her life, but Galaxia only laughs and says that she was the one who freed Queen Nehellenia so that Sailor Saturn would reawaken. She wanted to obtain all of the Star Seeds, including Sailor Saturn's. Sailor Galaxia attacks the four Senshi, breaking the Silence Glaive and Garnet Rod as they are hit. Sailor Galaxia offers the Senshi the choice of working for her after giving up their Star Seeds; Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn are offended by the offer, but Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune accept.

Sailor Galaxia removes the Star Seeds of the two Senshi, and golden bracelets appear on their wrists. As their first task, the two Senshi remove the Star Seeds of their former allies as Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn just stand there, refusing to fight.

Sailor Star Healer suddenly senses that the shine of more stars has gone out. The Sailor Starlights and Sailor Moon arrive at Sailor Galaxia's throne room just in time to see Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn fade away. The newly-arrived Senshi see that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune have joined forces with Galaxia and are stunned. At Sailor Galaxia's order, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune prepare to take Sailor Moon's Star Seed.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • Oak-ju Jung played Sailor Saturn in only this episode of the Korean dub.


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