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How Sailor Moon looked
in the Toon Makers version

The Toon Makers Music Video was a short footage reel that was displayed at Anime Expo 1995 by a man named Allen Hastings. It was recorded with a hand-held camcorder by an unknown convention attendee and uploaded to the internet. The footage showed a music video that had clips taken from a pilot episode of an American live-action/animation show derived from Sailor Moon, produced by Toon Makers, Inc. and Renaissance Atlantic in 1993 for Bandai, in the hope that they could license the show for production and distribution in North America that way. Toei, however, turned it down, as it would be less expensive for DiC to simply license the show to be dubbed.

The footage reel is commonly called Saban Moon by Sailor Moon fans based on the incorrect belief that it was produced by Saban Entertainment.

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