Saffer Crystal

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The Saffer Crystal in the manga
The Saffer Crystal in Crystal

The Saffer Crystal (青金石; Seikinseki) was the name of Sailor Galaxia's Sailor Crystal in the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal. It was one of the most powerful Sailor Crystals and the most destructive Sailor Crystal in the galaxy. It was reddish-orange in color and was mounted on her brooch, which was placed at the center of her chest on her sailor fuku.

With this crystal, Sailor Galaxia was able to use the powers of other Sailor Crystals from all over the galaxy that her followers had collected in Garden Crystals. In Act 57, it also appeared to be a transformation item for Galaxia, as it glowed on her chest before she changed into her sailor fuku. In the animated version of her transformation in Sailor Moon Cosmos, however, it was the last part of her fuku to appear, leaving its exact function in that continuity unknown.


  • In the manga, Sailor Galaxia was never seen with either her bracelets or the Saffer Crystal before she encountered Chaos for the first time, but in Crystal, she had already been wearing these items before encountering it.
  • The exact name of this crystal has been a subject of much debate among fans since the manga was originally released. The furigana read "サッファー" (saffaa), which some argued was meant to mean "sapphire," but that would more commonly be written "サファイア" (safaia). "Saffer" (also spelled "saphir") is a Middle English word that can refer to either lapis lazuli or sapphire, but "青金石" (seikinseki) means "lazurite" in Japanese.
  • Kodansha's first release of the manga in English called it the "Sapphire Crystal," but in the Eternal Edition it was called the "Lazurite Crystal."