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Character Information
Name: Sailor Aluminum Seiren
Name (kanji/kana): セーラー・アルーミナム・セイレーン
Alignment: Shadow Galactica
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Lives: Unknown
Occupation: Sailor Animamate, talent agent for Ginga TV (anime only)
Family: Mother (mentioned briefly in the anime)
Associates: Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Galaxia
Aliases: Reiko Aya (anime only), Half Bird (musicals only)
First Anime Appearance: Enemies? Allies? Starlights and Sailor Senshi
First Manga Appearance: Act 51 Stars 2
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Sailor Aluminum Siren
Actors: Kikuko Inoue (anime), Faye Mata (Viz dub), Ayumu Murase (Crystal)

Sailor Aluminum Seiren was one of the Sailor Animamates subservient to Sailor Galaxia. She appeared only briefly in the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, but had an expanded role in the anime.


Sailor Aluminum Seiren in the anime

In the anime, Aluminum Seiren and her partner, Sailor Lead Crow, worked under the pretense of being talent agents for the Ginga TV station. Using the pseudonym Reiko Aya, Seiren's job was to scout for potential Star Seeds and extract them.

However, Seiren's temperament contrasted with the dirtiness of her job. She was polite, a bit scatterbrained, and her emotional, light-hearted qualities sometimes rubbed Sailor Lead Crow the wrong way. Seiren even presented Sailor Moon with her business card upon first meeting her, as part of her greeting. She also ate compulsively, as a way to deal with all of the stress her job put her under. Nevertheless, Lead Crow and Aluminum Seiren got along very well, and shared a deep, friendly, and respectful relationship with one another.

Seiren's temperament did not win her any success with finding true Star Seeds, nor did it impress her employer. After some time, Sailor Galaxia, frustrated by her subordinate's failure, finally got rid of Seiren despite Lead Crow's pleas. Ironically, her death was to Galaxia's detriment: Seiren had managed to learn the secret identities of the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Moon (whose identity was learned the earliest, and which she had even written in her diary), and the Inner Senshi, information which would have benefitted Galaxia, but in the end would only benefit her partner, Lead Crow, in a limited way.


  • Bracelets - Sailor Aluminum Seiren could fire blasts from her bracelets that would remove a person's Star Seed.
  • Galactica Tsunami - An "attack" in which an angry and desperate Seiren threw drinks at her adversaries.


Aluminum Seiren first appeared in Act 51 of the manga, spying on the Sailor Senshi during a Three Lights concert. The next day, she appeared at Juuban Municipal High School to attack Sailor Moon. She ultimately managed to trap Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter, using her hair to choke them to death and extract their Sailor Crystals. After she did this, however, the Sailor Starlights transformed, and Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Maker destroyed her.

It was later revealed that Aluminum Seiren, like the other Sailor Animamates, was not a real Sailor Senshi, but was only granted her powers by Galaxia in exchange for killing her home world's true protector. In Seiren's case, she had usurped the powers of Sailor Mermaid.


  • Galactica Tsunami - Sailor Aluminum Seiren's primary attack, with which she attacked her opponents using her long hair.


Sailor Aluminum Seiren in Crystal

Sailor Aluminum Seiren's appearance in Sailor Moon Cosmos was mostly identical to her manga appearance, the main difference being that, although her primary attack was very similar to the manga one, it had a different name. When Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter blocked her attack in the movie, they used Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and Jupiter Oak Evolution, respectively, instead of blocking it wordlessly. Also in the movie, wherever Aluminum Seiren appeared, her environment would be bathed in sea colors.



Sailor Aluminum Seiren appeared in just one Sera Myu production - Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin - The Second Stage Final, the 2004 Winter Special. Like the other Sailor Animamates, she posed as a member of the Dancing Animamates, an "International Dancing Team." She went by the name "Half Bird" and called herself a "yuuwaku no vocalist" (誘惑のボコリスト; "tempting vocalist" or "alluring vocalist"). This was probably a reference to the mythological abilities of a seiren (or siren) who was also half-female, half-bird. She was played by Anri Oonuki.

She also appeared in Le Mouvement Final, where she was played by Yuka Kobayashi.


  • Galactica Tsunami


  • Sailor Aluminum Seiren's name is a reference to the sirens of Greek mythology, who drew sailors to their deaths with their beautiful voices; according to the Materials Collection she could control people with song. They were sometimes incorrectly depicted as mermaids, which could be why Sailor Aluminum Seiren was from the planet Mermaid.
  • In the anime, Sailor Aluminum Seiren always gave business cards and "formal greetings" to her victims, much to Sailor Lead Crow's annoyance.
  • In episode 184 of the anime, Sailor Aluminum Seiren stated that people on Earth used the phrase "nuka ni kugi" (糠に釘) to describe her. This is an old saying that means that one will not change despite being told many, many times.
  • In episode 190 of the anime, Sailor Lead Crow mentioned that Sailor Aluminum Seiren loved amusement parks.

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