Sailor Moon – Deutsche Original Songs

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CD Information
Title: Sailor Moon – Deutsche Original Songs
Type: Anime
Label: Edel Records
Catalogue Number: B00005IABI
Release Date: 2001
Tracks: 15
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Sailor Moon – Deutsche Original Songs was a soundtrack CD released along with the German dub of the anime. It included the opening theme song of all five seasons, all insert songs featured in the German dub, as well as an original song produced by the Super Moonies.


  1. Message
  2. Sailor Moon (Radio Edit) (Deutsche Version)
  3. Sailor Moon (Detuscher Softer Mix / TV Outro)
  4. Sailor Moon (Deutsches Playback)
  5. Grenzenlos (Limitless)
  6. Melodie Der Freude (Melody of Joy)
  7. ...dort im Regen ( the rain)
  8. Wahre Freundschaft (Our Friendship)
  9. Die Kraft Der Ewigkeit (The Power of Eternity}
  10. Zwinge Niemals Die Liebe (Never Force Love)
  11. In einem wunderschönen Traum (In a wonderful dream)
  12. ...wacht auf (...wake up)
  13. Search For Your Love
  14. ...kannst nur Du allein (...only you can do it on your own)
  15. Sailor Moon Auf Weltraumtour (Sailor Moon on a Space Tour)


  • All insert songs were sung by Mara Winzer, Luna's voice actress in the German dub from Sailor Moon R and onwards.
  • This was the last CD released in Germany.