Sailor Moon R Movie Music Collection

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CD Information
Title: Sailor Moon R Movie Music Collection
Type: Anime
Label: Forte Music
Catalogue Number: FMCC-5019
Release Date: April 1, 1993
Tracks: 15
Anime CD Chronology
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Mirai e Mukatte Symphonic Poem

Sailor Moon R Movie Music Collection was the soundtrack for the Sailor Moon R movie. The instrumental tracks on this CD were performed by the Moonlight Symphony Orchestra.


  1. Prologue (プロローグ)
  2. Moon Revenge (Peach Hips)
  3. Akai Kami no Shounen (紅い髪の少年; Red Haired Boy)
  4. Shokubutsuen no Happening! - Shinryaku no Yochou (植物園のハプニング!〜侵略の予兆; Happening in the Garden! Signs of Aggression")
  5. Hana Youma Glycina (花妖魔グリシナ; Flower Monster Glycina)
  6. Make Up! (メイクアップ!)
  7. Moeru Bishoujo Senshi (燃える美少女戦士; Pretty Soldiers on Fire)
  8. Tuxedo Kamen Toujou - Mamoru to Fiore (タキシード仮面登場〜衛とフィオレ; Tuxedo Mask Appears - Mamoru and Fiore)
  9. Sailor Teleport! (セーラー・テレポート!)
  10. Tsuisou no Fiore (追想のフィオレ; Fiore's Recollection)
  11. Hana Meikyuu no Shitou (花迷宮の死闘; Flower Labyrinth's Struggle to the Death)
  12. Gekitotsu! Sailor Moon vs Fiore (激突!セーラームーンvsフィオレ; Clash! Sailor Moon vs Fiore)
  13. Inochi Moyashite... (生命燃やして……; End of a Strange Life...)
  14. Fukkatsu no Serenade (復活のセレナーデ; Resurrection Serenade)
  15. I am Sailor Moon (Peach Hips)