Sailor Moon R Part 1

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DVD Information
Title: Sailor Moon R Part 1
Season: Sailor Moon R
DVD Region: 1
Catalog Number: B00VW70MGW (limited edition blu-ray/DVD)
B00VW76MCU (blu-ray/DVD)
Release Date: July 14, 2015
Audio Tracks: Japanese, English
Subtitles: English, closed captions
Sailor Moon R DVD chronology
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Sailor Moon Part 2 Sailor Moon R Part 2

Sailor Moon R Part 1 was a blu-ray and DVD box set released by Viz Media, containing the first 22 episodes of the Sailor Moon R season of the Sailor Moon anime with the Studiopolis-produced English dub, as well as the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.


  1. Moon Returns: The Mysterious Aliens Appear
  2. For Love and for Justice: Sailor Guardians Once Again
  3. For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears
  4. Usagi’s Crisis: The Tiara Stops Working
  5. A New Transformation: Usagi's Power Up
  6. The Targeted Kindergarteners: Venus to the Rescue
  7. Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitting Mayhem
  8. The School Festival Is for Me?! Queen Rei’s Song
  9. Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako on Fire
  10. Steal a Kiss from Mamoru! An's Project Snow White
  11. After-School Trouble: Usagi is a Target
  12. Disconnecting Love: The Raging Makai Tree
  13. True Love Awakens: The Makai Tree's Secret
  14. Angel or Devil? The Mysterious Girl from the Sky
  15. Usagi Devastated: Mamoru Declares a Break-Up
  16. A Guardian's Friendship: Goodbye, Ami
  17. Women Must Be Strong and Beautiful: Rei's New Special Technique
  18. In Search of the Silver Crystal: Chibi-Usa's Secret
  19. Dispute Over Love: Minako and Makoto's Conflict
  20. Usagi's Parental Love: The Curry Romance Triangle
  21. The Beach, the Island and a Vacation: The Guardians' Break
  22. Protect Chibi-Usa: Clash of the Ten Warriors


  • This set was the first time episode 67 had an English-language physical media release, since ADV's "uncut" box set omitted the episode.