Sailor Moon S Music Collection

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CD Information
Title: Sailor Moon S Music Collection
Type: Anime
Label: Columbia
Catalogue Number: COCC-11777
Release Date: June 21, 1994
Tracks: 15
Anime CD Chronology
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The Sailor Moon S Music Collection was the soundtrack for the Sailor Moon S season of the anime, and included various background music pieces, including attack and transformation music.


  1. Seihai, Messiah... Shinpi Naru Sekai (聖杯、救世主……神秘なる世界; Holy Grail, The Mystery World... The Messiah)
  2. Subtitle (サブタイトル)
  3. Asa no Namikimichi (朝の並木道; Morning's Tree-Lined Street)
  4. Death Busters no Yabou (デスバスターズの野望; Death Busters' Ambitions)
  5. Tenou Haruka to Kaiou Michiru (天王はるかと海王みちる; Tenou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru)
  6. Koisuru Otome wa Tomaranai! (恋する乙女はとまらない!; Girls in Love Won't Stop!)
  7. Daimon Shutsugen (ダイモーン出現; Daimon Appearance)
  8. Eyecatch (アイキャッチ)
  9. Ubawareta Pure na Kokoro no Kesshou (奪われた純粋な心の結晶; Stolen Pure Heart Crystal)
  10. Senshi no Shukumei... (戦士の宿命……; Senshi's Fate...)
  11. Make Up! Sailor Senshi (変身!セーラー戦士; Make Up!* Sailor Senshi)
  12. Uranus, Soshite, Neptune (ウラヌス、そして、ネプチューン; Uranus and Neptune)
  13. The Pretty Soldiers' Big War!
  14. Ai no Kiseki (愛の奇跡; Love's Miracle)
  15. Raishuu mo Mite ne! (来週も見てネ!; See You Next Week!)

* The kanji in the track title read "変身" (henshin; transformation) but the furigana indicated it should be read as "make up" (メイク・アップ).