Sailor Moon SuperS (CD)

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CD Information
Title: Sailor Moon SuperS
Type: Anime
Label: Warner Music Chile
Catalogue Number: WEA 3984 23849 2
Release Date: 1998
Tracks: 12
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Sailor Moon SuperS was a soundtrack CD released in Chile along with the Mexican dub of the anime. It mostly consisted of music from the North American soundtracks adapted and translated into Spanish, but also included three versions of "Moonlight Densetsu," translated and renamed "Sailor Moon." These songs were not included in the television show itself, as the Mexican dub used the original Japanese music.


  1. Sailor Moon
  2. Quiero Ser Estrella ("I Want To Be a Star")
  3. Llámame, Ahí Estaré ("Call me, I Will Be There")
  4. ¡Oh! ¡Mi Corazón! ("Oh! My Heart!")
  5. Es Un Nuevo Dia ("It's a New Day")
  6. El Poder Para Seguir ("The Strength to Continue")
  7. Mi Amigo Fiel ("My Faithful Friend")
  8. Ella Tiene El Poder ("She Has The Power")
  9. Sailor Moon (TV version)
  10. En Mi Sueño ("In My Dream")
  11. Sailor Moon (karaoke version)
  12. En Mi Sueño (karaoke version)