Sailor Moon SuperS Nakayoshi Anime Album

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Book Information
Title: Sailor Moon SuperS the Movie Nakayoshi Anime Album
Author: Kodansha
Type: Anime guide book
Language: Japanese
Publisher: Kodansha
ISBN: 4-06-324577-2
Year of Publication: 1996
Pages: 104

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie Nakayoshi Anime Album was a book dealing with the Sailor Moon SuperS movie.


  • A full summary of the movie, featuring screenshots.
  • Description and profiles of all Sailor Senshi, and description of the new characters from the movie.
  • A section titled "Sailor Senshi Hissatsuwaza Dai Hyakka" (セーラー戦士必殺技大百科; "The Big Encyclopedia of the Sailor Soldiers' Killer Moves"), describing most of the attacks used by the Senshi in the anime.
  • A report on the live event dedicated to the movie.
  • Designs from the movie.
  • Profiles and notes from the movie staff.
  • A glossary of terms and names from the special.
  • A full summary of the special, including screenshots.