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The Sailor Moon SuperS Special was a special 45-minute episode of the anime featuring three mini-episodes. It premiered on April 8, 1995, shortly after the beginning of Sailor Moon SuperS, and took place in the storyline directly after Usagi and Chibiusa received their new transformation brooches from Pegasus. The special included a compilation episode focusing on Usagi, an original story featuring the first appearances of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune in the season (they would be seen again in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie), and a story adapted from the manga series "Chibiusa's Picture Diary."


  1. A Magnificent Transformation? Crybaby Usagi's Growth Diary
  2. The Return of Haruka and Michiru! The Ghostly Puppet Show
  3. Chibiusa's Adventure! The Dreaded Vampire Castle