Sailor Moon SuperS in Paris

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CD Information
Title: Sailor Moon SuperS in Paris
Type: Anime
Label: Forte Music Entertainment
Catalogue Number: FMCC-5056
Release Date: March 21, 1995
Tracks: 10
Anime CD Chronology
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Sailor Moon S Music Fantasy Sailor Moon SuperS Theme Song Collection

Sailor Moon SuperS in Paris features Hiroko Asakawa performing French versions of several songs from the anime.


  1. Moonlight Densetsu
  2. Roman Mokushiroku
  3. Moonlight Magic
  4. Tsuki ni Shikumarete
  5. Moonlight Destiny
  6. Sailor Team no Theme
  7. Je t'aime Shinpi Taiken
  8. Moon Revenge
  9. Ai wa Shugosei
  10. Tuxedo Mirage


  • The French flag on the CD cover is incorrectly colored; the blue stripe should be closest to the flagpole and the red the farthest away.