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Sailor Moon Toys were released in large quantities during the various incarnations of the Sailor Moon series.


Bandai produced toys for the anime, musicals, and live-action series in Japan.


Sera Myu[edit]

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon[edit]

North America[edit]

Bandai America[edit]

The original line of dolls, "Sailor Moon Adventure Dolls," was produced by Bandai in 1995 and sold in tandem with the release of the first 65 episodes of the English dub. The dolls were sold in two sizes, 6" and 11.5", and both sizes offered the first five Sailor Scouts that were seen in those episodes. The 6" size also offered a Queen Beryl doll. All of the 11.5" dolls came with plastic stands, gloves, and a wand, and had fully posable joints, like Barbie dolls. They wore a one piece cloth sailor fuku, punched-in tiara, and shoes. The 6" size only came with a wand, and wore one-piece removable cloth sailor fuku and punched-in tiaras, but their boots, gloves, and collars were painted on. The Queen Beryl doll came with her own staff and also had removable clothing, though again, all accessories but her headpiece were painted on.

This first batch of dolls had quite a few discrepancies from their appearances in the series. Every Senshi came with Sailor Moon's crescent wand, Sailor Venus' and Sailor Mars' back bows were the wrong colors, the gloves for the 11.5" dolls only came to the middle of their forearms instead of to their elbows, and all of the Senshi wore knee-high boots.

In addition to the original line were two "Fashion Playsets," which both included a 6" Sailor Moon doll. The first one, called "Dream Castle," featured a cardboard backdrop and stand with a picture of the Moon Castle and the Sailor Moon logo at the top, as well as a plastic engraved archway. Sailor Moon wore a white gown and star-shaped locket, but still had the gloves and boots painted on underneath. The second one, called "Serena's Bedroom" also featured a cardboard backdrop and floor showing Serena's vanity and a few other objects in the room. The playset also came with a plastic bed. The Sailor Moon doll wore pink and red pajamas, but again, her gloves and boots were still on.

Bandai also released an accessory for the 6" dolls called the "Moon Cycle." The vehicle was in the shape of a pink crescent moon, had two large back wheels, two small front ones, and handlebars in the shape of a star. This cycle was an original design by Bandai, and did not appear anywhere in the series.



  • Sailor Sweeties - This was a line of 2" PVC figures which were found in dollar stores in Canada and Australia between 1995 and 1999. The figures were very similar in appearance to the Sailor Senshi, and came two to a package along with a playset.

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