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Croatian logo for seasons 2 - 5.

Sailor Moon in Croatia refers to the Croatian dub of the Sailor Moon anime which aired in Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina under the name Mjesečeva Ratnica (Moon Warrior) and, starting with the second season, Mjesečeva Ratnica - Djevojčica sa čarobnim moćima (Moon Warrior - A girl with magic powers).


Translation and Channels[edit]

The anime premiered in Croatia in July 2001 on Nova TV. The first season and the first four episodes of Sailor Moon R were shown in Japanese with Croatian subtitles, but the rest of the episodes were shown dubbed into Croatian. At first, the series was shown in the afternoon, around 4:00 pm. In September of the same year, Nova TV switched it to prime time and broadcast it at 8:00 pm. The broadcast was later moved back to the afternoon and morning in March 2003, before eventually returning to the 8:00 pm time slot. The last season premiered on October 4, 2003, airing on Sundays alternating between 8:00 and 9:00 am, and ended on September 25, 2004.

The dub was based on the German dub, so most of the changes made to the storyline in that version were kept, and the lyrics of the opening theme song, "Reci čarobnu riječ," was an almost-literal translation of "Sag das Zauberwort," the first German opening song.

The dubbing cast was relatively small, with only five voice actresses and two male voice actors: Antonija Stanišić, Marija Škaričić, Ines Bojanić, Leona Paraminski, Olga Pakalović, Rakan Rushaidat, and Franjo Dijak. Maja Oršić Magdić originally translated and adapted the scripts, but she was replaced by Jelena Pranjić beginning with episode 50. The dub was directed by Antonio Nuić and the audio mixing was done by Slaven Vujnović.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

  • The first season was shown completely uncut, without any changes. From season two onwards, only minor changes were made, mainly based on those in the German dub.
  • The opening and ending theme songs for the first fifty episodes were replaced with the instrumental versions of the original songs, and starting with episode 51, a Croatian-dubbed version of "Sag das Zauberwort" was used for the opening, while the ending featured a slow-tempo version of the same song. The first opening sequence was used for all episodes, though also beginning with episode 51 the modified German version was used. Footage originally used along with "Heart Moving" was used for all episodes from the first season, while footage originally used with "Otome no Policy" was used for the first four episodes of the second season. For the rest of the episodes, the German ending animation was used, with the addition of dubbing credits as subtitles.
  • The title cards were subtitled in the first season, but starting with season 2, they were replaced with versions with titles translated into Croatian from the German episode titles; these were narrated by Antonija Stanišić, the voice actress for Usagi.
  • For the first episodes of the Croatian subtitled version of the first season, the opening sequence used "Moonlight Densetsu," but later episodes featured a completely instrumental version of the song.
  • As in the German dub, episode 89 was never dubbed into Croatian.


Character Names[edit]

Unlike the German dub, all names stayed unchanged (e.g. Usagi's name remained Usagi, and not Bunny).

The Sailor Senshi were called "Warriors" and their names followed a Planet Name + "Warrior" pattern.

Original Croatian
Sailor Moon Mjesečeva Ratnica
Sailor Mercury Merkurova Ratnica
Sailor Mars Marsova Ratnica
Sailor Jupiter Jupiterova Ratnica
Sailor Venus Venerina Ratnica
Chibiusa / Sailor Chibi Moon Čibiusa / Ratnica Čibimun
Sailor Uranus Uranova Ratnica
Sailor Neptune Neptunova Ratnica
Sailor Saturn Saturnova Ratnica
Sailor Pluto Plutonova Ratnica
Tuxedo Mask Maska u Smokingu
Queen Serenity Kraljica Selena
Princess Serenity Kraljevno Selena
Prince Endymion Kraljeviću Endimion
Jadeite Jedyte
Zoisite Zoysite
Kunzite Kunzite/Kuntsite
Queen Beryl Kraljica Pogibelj (Queen Peril)
Queen Metalia Kraljica Metalija / Metalia
Ail Ale
An Anne
Esmeraude Esmeralda
Prince Demand Diamant
Yuuichirou Kumada Yuichiro

Place Names[edit]

Original Croatian
Silver Millennium Srebrno tisućljeće

Item Names[edit]

Original Croatian
Disguise Pen Divno nalivpero (Wonderful foundation pen)
Silver Crystal Srebrni kristal
Golden Crystal Zlatni kristal

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

Sailor Moon[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Moći Mjesečeve prizme, skupi se! Moon prism power, gather!
Moon Power, [...] ni nare! Mjesečeva moći, preobrazi me u [...] ! Moon power, change me into [...] !
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Moći Mjesečeva srca, pojavi se!
Moći Mjesečeva srca, preobrazite nas! (episode 93)
Moon heart power, appear!
Moon heart power, transform us!
Crisis, Make Up Moći grala, pojavi se! Grail power, appear!
Moon Eternal, Make Up Moći Mjesečeve, pojavi se! Moon power, appear!
Moon Tiara Action Boj Mjesečeve tijare! Moon tiara, battle!
Moon Healing Escalation Rast Mjesečeva liječenja! Moon healing growth!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Moon Gorgeous Meditation
Moći ljubavi, leti i pobijedi! Love power, fly and win!
Rainbow Moon Heartache Moći svih vremena, proširi ljubav svuda! Power of all times, spread the love everywhere!
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Moći svjetla, leti i pobijedi! Light power, fly and win!
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss Svjetlosti zrakatog mjeseca, zasjaj i izliječi!
Moći svjetla, pobijedi i izliječi! (episode 195)
Brightness of radiant moon, shine and heal!
Light power, win and heal!

Sailor Mercury[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up Merkurova moći, skupi se! (season 1)
Merkurova moći, pojavi se! (season 2)
Mercury power, gather!
Mercury power, appear!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up Merkurova moći, pojavi se!
Merkurova moći, preobrazite nas! (episode 93)
Mercury power, appear!
Mercury power, transform us!
Sabao Spray Sapunica! Soap foam!
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody Merkur! Moći vode, pobijedi! Mercury! Water power, win!

Sailor Mars[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Mars Power, Make Up Marsova moći, skupi se! (season 1)
Marsova moći, pojavi se! (season 2)
Mars power, gather!
Mars power, appear!
Mars Star Power, Make Up Marsova moći, pojavi se!
Marsova moći, preobrazite nas! (episode 93)
Mars power, appear!
Mars power, transform us!
Fire Soul Duša vatre! Fire soul!
Akuryo Taisan U ime moćnih bogova: zli duše, odlazi!
Kočnica, stani! (episode 99)
In the name of mighty gods: evil souls, go away!
Brake, stop!
Burning Mandala Vatreni prsteni, letite (i pobijedite)! Fire rings, fly (and win)!
Mars Flame Sniper Mars! Moći vatre, pobijedi! Mars! Fire power, win!

Sailor Jupiter[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up Jupiterova moći, skupi se! (season 1)
Jupiterova moći, pojavi se! (season 2)
Jupiter power, gather!
Jupiter power, appear!
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up Jupiterova moći, pojavi se!
Jupiterova moći, preobrazite nas! (episode 93)
Jupiter power, appear!
Jupiter power, transform us!
Supreme Thunder Nadmoćna grmljavina! Superior thunder!
Sparkling Wide Pressure Grome, udari! (episode 82)
Grome, leti!
Thunder, strike!
Thunder, fly!
Jupiter Oak Evolution Jupiter! Moći groma, pobijedi! Jupiter! Thunder power, win!

Sailor Venus[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Venus Power, Make Up Venerina moći, skupi se! (season 1)
Venerina moći, pojavi se! (season 2)
Venus power, gather!
Venus power, appear!
Venus Star Power, Make Up Venerina moći, pojavi se!
Venerina moći, preobrazite nas! (episode 93)
Venus power, appear!
Venus power, transform us!
Crescent Beam Sjaj polumjeseca! Crescent shine!
Venus Love-Me Chain Vatrena srca, letite! Fire hearts, fly!
Venus Love and Beauty Shock Venera! Moći srca, pobijedi! Venus! Heart power, win!

Sailor Uranus[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Uranova moći, pojavi se! Uranus power, appear!
World Shaking Uranu, leti! Uranus, fly!

Sailor Neptune[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Neptunova moći, pojavi se! Neptune power, appear!
Deep Submerge Neptune, leti! Neptune, fly!

Sailor Pluto[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Plutonova moći, pojavi se! Pluto power, appear!
Dead Scream Plutone, leti! Pluto, fly!

Sailor Star Fighter[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Fighter Star Power, Make Up Moći zvjezdanog borca, otvori se! Star Fighter power, open up!
Star Serious Laser Zvijezdo ratnice, kazni je! Star warrior, punish her!

Sailor Star Healer[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Healer Star Power, Make Up Moći zvjezdanog iscjelitelja, otvori se! Star Healer power, open up!
Star Sensitive Inferno Zvijezdo ratnice, uništi ga!
Zvijezdo ratnice, onesposobi ga!
Star warrior, destroy him!
Star warrior, disable him!

Sailor Star Maker[edit]

Original Croatian Translation
Maker Star Power, Make Up Moći zvjezdanog stvoritelja, otvori se! Star Creator power, open up!
Star Gentle Uterus Zvijezdo ratnice... Star warrior...


Sailor Moon Eternal became available on Netflix with Croatian subtitles on June 3, 2021, under the name "Lijepa zaštitnica Mjesečeva ratnica zauvijek: Film". The translation was done by Bernarda Sučić.


  • In the subtitled version of the first season, some parts of episodes were left untranslated, and in other places the Croatian subtitles were out of sync with the Japanese audio.
  • In this version, the first season ended with episode 49, and the second season started with episode 50.