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Sailor Moon in Indonesia refers to the version of the Sailor Moon series translated into Bahasa Indonesia and aired in Indonesia.


The anime aired on Indosiar from 1995 until mid-2000, including all episodes except the specials and episode 89. The Indonesian dub kept almost all of the characters' names, except for Chibiusa, who became "Usagi Kecil" (Little Usagi). Most of the villains' names were given spellings taken from direct katakana romanizations: for example, Calaveras was called "Karaberasu," Mimete was "Mimetto," and VesVes was "BesuBesu."

The opening theme song used the melody for "Moonlight Densetsu" but the Indonesian lyrics were not a direct translation of the original. The ending theme song was left instrumental for every season.

Overall, the series had a similar level of censorship as the Korean version, especially when it came to scenes involving nudity. For example, in episode 151, the scene in which Ami was naked was completely removed. In episode 200, however, Usagi was still fully nude without any cut frames or the addition of clothing, as was done in some other dubs. The transformation sequences were also shortened. Of Sailor Moon's transformations, only Moon Prism Power, Make Up, Crisis, Make Up, and Moon Eternal, Make Up were shown in full; the other transformations began with Sailor Moon already wearing her sailor fuku but without gloves and boots. Scenes with kissing were also edited. Although Zoisite had a female voice actress he was male in the show, and he and Kunzite were depicted as cousins.

The transformation phrases were translated. Moon Prism Power, Make Up became "Kekuatan Prisma Bulan, Datanglah" (Prism Power of Moon, Come Here), Mercury Power, Make Up became "Kekuatan Merkuri, Datanglah" (Power of Mercury, Come Here), and the others followed a similar format.

Voice Actors[edit]

Actor Character
Sherly Malinda, Diah Sekartaji Usagi/Sailor Moon
Wiwiek Supadmi Ami/Sailor Mercury
Hanis Rei/Sailor Mars
Miftahulijannah Makoto/Sailor Jupiter
Achmad Zulkifli Mamoru
Retno Letstari Luna
Pratomo Arthemis
Hanis Umino
Siwi Naru
Muki Hendarto Ail
Noviyanti Ann
Achmad Zulkifli Michigo (Shingo)
Hariadie Machi


The manga was published from 1993 to 1998 by Elex Media Computindo, the biggest manga publisher in Indonesia, which also published several famous manga such as Dragon Ball and Doraemon. The manga version was more faithful to the original Japanese version than the anime. Most of the characters' names remained the same, including Chibiusa, though in early volumes Minako Aino was "Ai Minako" and Motoki Furuhata was named "Sento." The villains' names were also mostly misspelled as in the anime.

The attack names usually kept the original Japanese names, but were sometimes misspelled like the villains' names, or given incorrect names because of alternate readings of the katakana. For example, Venus Love-Me Chain was called "Venus Love Mission" in the Dark Kingdom arc, "Venus Lovely Chain" in the Black Moon arc, and "Venus Love Meeting" in the Infinity arc.