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Sailor Moon in Romania refers to the adaptation of the Sailor Moon series in Romania, which included the dubbed Sailor Moon anime series and monthly publications of the Sailor Moon anime comic. The Romanian title of the anime was Frumoasa Luptătoare Sailor Moon, which roughly translates to "Pretty Girl Warrior Sailor Moon."


Translation and Channels[edit]

As it was the custom in Eastern European countries at the time, the anime was not dubbed, but was given a voiceover translation, much like the Russian dub, with a lector talking over the Japanese dialogue. Mihai Cabel was the lector for episodes 1 through episode 18, then again from episode 33 to episode 200; Mircea Dan Duta for episode 19 through episode 32. The translation and adaptation of the scripts was done by Anca Petrescu, who stayed very true to the original.

Broadcasting rights were bought by the Romanian Television Corporation in early 1997, and the initial run began nationwide on June 3, 1997 on TVR1. The series' TV premiere was announced in the 13/1997 issue of the TV Satelit magazine, a weekly publication with TV schedules, with information about the series along with a short summary. Only two episodes a week were aired at first, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but the show was interrupted after the fifth episode, preempted from June 18 to July 1 by the Golden Stag Festival. The timeslot was changed from 6:30 pm to 6:50 pm, then starting with episode 10 on July 15, the show received a solid timeslot at 3:00 pm, with reruns of earlier episodes in the morning. The show rapidly gained popularity, and the TV station began to air it from Monday to Friday, starting July 21 with episode 14. The first season finished on September 2, 1997, with Sailor Moon R premiering the following day, on September 3, 1997. All subsequent seasons were aired until summer 1998, which made Romania one of the few countries at the time that showed all 200 episodes. Reruns began showing on the sister channel TVR2, April 9, 1999.

The first movie, dubbed as "Floarea răului" (The flower of evil) was shown on Christmas Day 1998, with a rerun the following year at 9:00 am on TVR1. Unlike the series, however, the translation was done from the French dub dub and thus included the changes made for that version. The other two movies and the specials remained undubbed.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

  • Zoisite was referred to as a woman when he first appeared in the voiceover done by Mihai Cabel, but Mircea Dan Duta referred to him as a man for the episodes which he voiced. Because of this inconsistent change, the relationship between him and Kunzite remained vague.
  • The biggest change in the anime was the use of instrumental opening and ending songs for the first two seasons. In the third and fourth seasons, "Moonlight Densetsu" was used, as well as "Sailor Star Song" for the fifth. The eyecatches were cut and the next episode previews were never shown. The second opening and ending of the first season were not used, as in most European dubs.
  • With the exception of the opening and closing sequences as described above, there were no alterations to the animation. The original imagery was retained at all times, uncut and uncensored. All of the Japanese writing and references to Japanese culture except the credits themselves were left in; some of this writing was translated in voiceovers, but most was not. Sailor Moon was always understood to take place in Japan and the setting of the show was never changed. Episode 200 was aired without any cuts or edits and even the original special ending was used.
  • All of the insert songs were untouched, and the Japanese lyrics were left untranslated.
  • In some instances, the currency used was changed from yen to dollars.


Character Names[edit]

Very few character names were changed in the Romanian translation, and most of those were translations of the English names and terms, or were simply adapted to the Romanian spelling to help younger viewers read the names. Most notably, Usagi's name was changed to "Usaghi," pronounced the same, and she was referred to as such even in released merchandise, except for the anime comic, in which the Italian versions of the names were used.

The Senshi names were all translated to Romanian except for the "Sailor" part (e.g. Sailor Mercury became "Sailor Mercur," Sailor Mars became "Sailor Marte," and so on). The only significant change was Sailor V being referred to as "Sailor Cinci," as in the Roman number V.

The Sailor Senshi were referred to as both "Luptătoare Sailor" (Sailor Warriors) and "Soldați Sailor" (Sailor Soldiers).

Main Characters[edit]
Original Romanian
Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon Usaghi Tsukino
Usagi "Bunny" Tsukino (in TV magazine promo) / Sailor Moon
Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercur
Rei Hino / Sailor Mars Rei Hino / Sailor Marte
Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter
Minako Aino / Sailor V / Sailor Venus Minako Aino / Sailor Cinci (Five) / Sailor Venus
Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask Mamoru Chiba / Mascatul în frac (Masked man in tuxedo)
Haruka Tenou / Sailor Uranus Haruka Teno / Sailor Uranus
Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune Michiru Kaio / Sailor Neptun
Setsuna Meiou / Sailor Pluto Setsuna Meio / Sailor Pluto
Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn
Dark Kingdom[edit]
Original Romanian
Dark Kingdom Regatul Întunericului
Regatul Tenebrelor
Queen Beryl Regina Beril
Queen Metalia Regina Metalia
Jadeite Jedait
Nephrite Nefrait
Zoisite Zoisait
Kunzite Kunsait

The Youma were either called monsters or demons, depending on the episode. The Shitennou themselves were referred to as demons and devils.

Death Busters[edit]
Original Romanian
Witches 5 Vrăjitoarele 5
Eudial Eugeal
Mimete Mimet
Mistress 9 Doamna 9 (Lady 9)

The Daimons were referred to as "daimăni" and their names remained unchanged.

Eudial's Fire Buster attack was translated as "Vrăjitoarea Eugeal!" (Witch Eugeal!) in episode 109 and "Foc!" (Fire!) and "Atac de foc!" (Fire attack!) in episode 111.

Sailor Starlights[edit]

The Sailor Starlights' names were literal translations, though the word "Star" was omitted from their Sailor names.

Original Romanian
Three Lights Trei lumini
Sailor Starlights Sailor Lumini de stele
Sailor Star Fighter Sailor Luptător/Luptător
Sailor Star Healer Sailor Vindecător/Vindecător
Sailor Star Maker Sailor Creator/Creator
Shadow Galactica[edit]

The names of the members of Shadow Galactica were translated literally, except for Sailor Tin Nyanko's, which was left unchanged, and Sailor Lead Crow's, which became "Sailor Red Claw" (possibly due to a mistranslation).

Original Romanian
Sailor Iron Mouse Sailor Șoarece de Fier
Sailor Aluminum Seiren Sailor Aluminiu Seren
Sailor Lead Crow Sailor Gheară Roșie (Sailor Red Claw)

Place and Object Names[edit]

Original Romanian
Silver Crystal (Legendarul) Cristal de Argint (Legendary Silver Crystal)
Juuban Municipal Junior High School Școala Gimnazială Juban (Juban Primary and Secondary School)
Pure Heart Crystal Cristal al inimii curate (Crystal of the pure heart)
Daimon Egg Ou de Daimăn
Holy Grail Sfântul Pocal (Holy Goblet)
Fire Buster Atac de foc (Fire attack)
Fire Buster II Al doilea atac de foc (Second fire attack)
Star Seed Sămânță stelară (Star seed)
Light of Hope Lumina speranței


In the original, Mamoru, Haruka, and Seiya called Usagi "odango atama," making fun of her hairstyle in a teasing way. In the Romanian dub, however, Mamoru simply called Usagi "cap pătrat" (square head; scatterbrain) and Haruka called her "chipul Lunii" (moon face).

Sailor Moon's trademark speech was translated literally in the first episode as, "Apăr iubirea și dreptatea; sunt frumoasa luptătoare în costum de marinar: sunt Sailor Moon! Și te voi pedepsi în numele Lunii!" (I defend love and rightness; I am the beautiful girl warrior in a sailor suit: I'm Sailor Moon! And I will punish you in the name of the Moon!) but in subsequent episodes it was translated as, "Luptătoarea Sailor pentru dragoste și dreptate: sunt Sailor Moon! Și-am să te pedepsesc în numele Lunii!" (The Sailor Warrior for love and rightness: I'm Sailor Moon! And I'll punish you in the name of the Moon!). Sailor Neptune's speech in the S season was translated as, "Sedus de o nouă epocă, atunci când fluxul lui Neptun apare Sailor Neptun ia parte la luptă!" (Seduced by a new era, when the flow of Neptune appears, Sailor Neptune takes part in the fight!).

In the last episode, Usagi's final monologue was translated literally as "Mă numesc Usagi Tsukino, am șaisprezece ani și sunt la liceu. Cam zăpăcită și plângăcioasă, dar defapt sunt Sailor Moon. Da! Cea plină de iubire și dreptate" (My name is Usagi Tsukino, I am sixteen years old and I'm in high school. A bit scatterbrained and a crybaby, but actually, I am Sailor Moon. Yes! The one full of love and justice.)

When the Daimons were defeated, they yelled out "Minunat!" (Wonderful!).

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

The transformation and attack phrases were translated literally, sometimes making no sense in Romanian (such as the translation for Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss) but they were sometimes given simpler phrases, too. This caused them to be quite inconsistent, especially in the first season of the series.

Sailor Moon[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Putere Moon, creează-mă!
Putere Prism Moon, creează-mă!
Moon Power, create me!
Moon Prism Power, create me!
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Cristal Moon, creează-mă! Moon Crystal Power, create me!
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Putere cosmică Moon, creează-mă!
Putere Moon, creează-mă! (episode 98)
Moon Cosmic Power, create me!
Moon Power, create me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Crisis Moon, creează-mă! Moon Crisis, create me!
Moon Eternal, Make Up Eternal Moon, creează-ma! Eternal Moon, create me!
Moon Tiara Action Diademă Moon, acțiune! (episode 1)
Diademă Moon, acționează! (episode 13)
Moon Diadem, action!
Moon Diadem, act!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack Atac inimă moon!
Atac! (episode 109)
Putere cosmică Moon, creează-mă! (episode 111)
Moon Heart Attack!
Moon Cosmic Power, create me!
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Sărut vindecare lumina lunii! Moonlight Healing Kiss!
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss Luna de argint! Sărut putere cristal! Silver Moon! Crystal Power Kiss!

Sailor Mercury[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up
Mercury Star Power, Make Up
Putere Mercur, creează-mă! Mercury Power, create me!
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Mercur cristal, creează-mă! Mercury Crystal Power, create me!
Sabão Spray Săpun, spray! Soap, spray!
Shine Aqua Illusion Iluzie de apă sclipitoare! Sparkling Water Illusion!

Sailor Mars[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Mars Power, Make Up
Mars Star Power, Make Up
Putere Marte, creează-mă! Mars Power, create me!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Marte cristal, creează-mă! Mars Crystal Power, create me!
Fire Soul Suflet, foc! Soul, fire!
Burning Mandala Mandala de Foc! Fiery Mandala!

Sailor Jupiter[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up
Putere Jupiter, creează-mă! Jupiter Power, create me!
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Jupiter cristal, creează-mă! Jupiter Crystal Power, create me!
Sparkling Wide Pressure Presiune extinsă! Extended pressure!

Sailor Venus[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Venus Power, Make Up
Venus Star Power, Make Up
Putere Venus, creează-mă! Venus Power, create me!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Venus cristal, creează-mă! Venus Crystal Power, create me!
Venus Love-Me Chain Venus, iubește-mă! Venus, love me!

Sailor Uranus[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Putere Uranus, creează-mă!
Putere Neptun, creează-mă! (episode 110)
Uranus Power, create me!
Neptune Power, create me!
World Shaking Cutremurul lumii!
Lumea se clatină! (episode 98)
Earthquake of the world!
The world is shaking!
Space Sword Blaster Sabie spațială! Space sword!

Sailor Neptune[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Putere Neptun, creează-mă!
Putere Uranus, creează-mă! (episode 110)
Neptune Power, create me!
Uranus Power, create me!
Deep Submerge Scufundare profundă!
Vârtej profund! (episode 190)
Deep submerge!
Profound whirl!

Sailor Pluto[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Putere Pluto, creează-mă! Pluto Power, create me!
Dead Scream Strigăt de moarte! Deathly scream!

Sailor Saturn[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Silence Wall Zidul tăcerii! Wall of silence!

Sailor Star Fighter[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Fighter Star Power, Make Up Putere stea luptător, creează-mă! Star Fighter Power, create me!
Star Serious Laser Stea laser! Laser Star!

Sailor Star Healer[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Healer Star Power, Make Up Putere stea vindecător, creează-mă! Star Healer Power, create me!
Star Sensitive Inferno Stea infern! Infernal Star!

Sailor Star Maker[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Maker Star Power, Make Up Putere stea creator, creează-mă! Star Creator Power, create me!
Star Gentle Uterus Stea utilus! Useful star!


The anime's immense popularity prompted the release of merchandise, such as the Sailor Moon sticker album (by Panini), a photo album, several coloring books (by Erc Press), and a few issues of the anime comic (also by Erc Press).

The sticker album was released in summer 1997, shortly after the anime started airing on TV. It was a translation of the original French publication and offered summaries of key episodes of the first season, albeit with some mistranslations here and there. It was considered a key object for every Romanian Sailor Moon collector and, as its popularity was huge, one could find it on online stores even twenty years after the original publication.

The anime comic's full title was Sailor Moon – Bandă desenată color cu Răizbonicile Lunii (Sailor Moon – Color comic stripes with the Moon Warriors). Aside from the comic itself, it included poems, letters, and drawings from the readers, a special page called "Colțul lui Bunny" (Bunny’s corner), where Usagi would "answer" questions from the readers, a page where the characters were presented, as well as a poster attached in the middle of the comic. It was published monthly between late 1997 and early 1998, with a total of four issues. An episode was presented in two issues, meaning that the anime comic only presented the first two episodes. As the publisher explained in the fourth volume of the comic, the translation was done from the Italian publication and as such, used the Italian dialogue, names, and phrases for transformations and attacks.


Sailor Moon's speech was translated in the anime comic as "Sunt apărătoarea justiției, sunt luptătoarea care îmbracă costumul de marinar. Sunt Sailor Moon! Am venit aici pentru a te doborî în numele Lunii!" (I’m the defender of justice, I’m the fighter who puts on a sailor suit. I’m Sailor Moon! I have come here to defeat you in the name of the Moon!).


Original Anime comic
Usagi Tsukino Bunny Tsukino
Shingo Tsukino Sam
Motoki Furuhata Moran
Gurio Umino Ubaldo
Naru Osaka Nina
Haruna Sakurada Profesoara Ariana
Jadeite Jack
Queen Beryl Regina Beryl
Dark Kingdom Regatul Tenebrelor

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Putere a cristalului Lunii, vino la mine! Power of the Moon Crystal, come to me!
Moon Tiara Action Cristalul de Lună, acțiune! Moon Crystal, Action!


Sailor Moon Eternal became available on Netflix with Romanian subtitles on June 3, 2021, under the title Frumoasa luptătoare Sailor Moon Eternal: Filmul (Beautiful Warrior Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie). The translation was done by Diana Hojbotă.

In this version, Haruka was male in civilian form and female in Sailor Senshi form. All civilian names were left untranslated but Sailor Senshi names were kept in English, as well as most titles, item names, and planet names. Japanese honorifics were also retained.

Character Names[edit]

Original Romanian
Queen Nehellenia Regina Nehalennia
Queen Serenity Regina Serenity
Outer Senshi Luptătoare externe Sailor

Place and Object Names[edit]

Original Romanian
Azabu-Juuban Districtul comercial Azabu-Juban (Azabu-Juban Commercial District)
White Moon Kingdom Regatul Lunii Albe
Silver Millennium Mileniul de Argint
Golden Kingdom Regatul de Aur
Holy Grail Sfântul Graal
Submarine Mirror Oglindă Submarin
Eternal Tiare Tiara Eternă

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

Sailor Moon[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Putere cosmică a Lunii! Transformă-mă! Moon Cosmic Power! Transform me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Moment crucial al lunii, transformă-mă! Crucial Moment of the Moon, transform me!
Moon Gorgeous Meditation Meditația Minunată a Lunii! Wonderful Meditation of the Moon!
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Luna de Miere cu Lumina Stelelor! Sărutul Vindecător! Starlit Honeymoon! Healing Kiss!

Sailor Mercury[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Mercury Crystal, transformă-mă! Mercury Crystal Power, transform me!
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody Mercury! Rapsodia apei! Mercury! Water rhapsody!

Sailor Mars[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Mars Star Power, Make Up Puterea Stelei Marte, transformă-mă! Power of the Mars Star, transform me!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Mars Crystal, transformă-mă! Mars Crystal Power, transform me!
Mars Flame Sniper Mars! Săgeata Înflăcărată! (first part)
Marte! Săgeata Înflăcărată! (second part)
Mars! Enflamed Arrow!

Sailor Jupiter[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Jupiter Crystal, transformă-mă! Jupiter Crystal Power, transform me!
Jupiter Oak Evolution Jupiter! Evoluția stejarului! Jupiter! Evolution of oak!

Sailor Venus[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Venus Planet Power, Make Up Putere a Planetei Venus, transformă-mă! Power of the Venus Planet, transform me!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Venus Crystal, transformă-mă! Venus Crystal Power, transform me!
Venus Love and Beauty Shock Venus! Șocul Iubirii și al Frumuseții! Venus! Shock of Love and Beauty!

Sailor Chibi Moon[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Puterea prismei lunii! Transformă-mă! Moon Prism Power! Transform me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Moment crucial al lunii, transformă-mă! Crucial Moment of the Moon, transform me!
Twinkle Yell Strigăt Stelar! Stellar Yell!
Moon Gorgeous Meditation Meditația Minunată a Lunii! Wonderful Meditation of the Moon!

Sailor Uranus[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Uranus Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Uranus Crystal, transformă-mă! Îmbracă-mă! Uranus Crystal Power, transform me! Dress me up!
World Shaking Pământ, cutremură-te! Earth, shake!
Space Sword Blaster Lovitura Sabiei Spațiale! Hit of the Space Sword!

Sailor Neptune[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Neptune Crystal, transformă-mă! Îmbracă-mă! Neptune Crystal Power, transform me! Dress me up!
Deep Submerge Scufundare Profundă! Deep Submerge!
Submarine Reflection Reflexia Submarin! Submarine Reflection!

Sailor Pluto[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Putere a Planetei Pluto, transformă-mă! Power of the Pluto Planet, transform me!
Pluto Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Pluto Crystal! Îmbracă-mă! Pluto Crystal Power! Dress me up!
Dead Scream Strigătul morții! Deathly scream!

Sailor Saturn[edit]

Original Romanian Translation
Saturn Crystal Power, Make Up Putere Saturn Crystal! Îmbracă-mă! Saturn Crystal Power! Dress me up!
Silence Wall Peretele Liniștii! Wall of Silence!
Silence Glaive Surprise Supriza Sabiei Liniștii! Suprise of the Silence Sword!


  • The Sailor Moon anime is considered to be one of the most succesful anime series ever aired in Romania, along with Dragon Ball Z and Hello! Sandybell.
  • The fifth season was not given its own name. During the opening sequence when the logo appeared, the voiceover still called out "Frumoasa Luptătoare Sailor Moon" as in the previous seasons.
  • The word "transformation" was frequently omitted, replaced by "schimbare" and "preschimbare" (change).
  • Background audio from the recording studio could be heard in certain parts of episode 110. In the same episode, the narrator could be briefly heard talking with another person inside the studio.
  • The voiceover tried to give a specific voice to every character, a characteristic that appears in the Romanian dub only.
  • Usagi and her friends were stated to be in the eighth grade, instead of the ninth, as Romanian eighth grade is the equivalent of the last year of middle school.
  • During the ending sequence of every episode, the narrator called out "end of the [episode number]th episode" and then mentioned the translator, but during episode 200's special ending he said "end of episode and series."
  • When the names on the Tsukino family nameplate were read in the first episode, Kenji Tsukino's name was incorrectly translated as "Tetsuke."
  • In the same episode, when Usagi mimicked Sailor V's Sailor V Kick, she said "Hai Sailor Cinci, lovește!" (Go Sailor Five, hit!).
  • The Hungarian, Italian, and German dubs were also aired in Romania, as there is a significant enough minority speaking those languages that television channels there broadcast content in them. All three of the dubs were quite successful, to the point that some fans preferred them over the actual Romanian dub.
  • According to unsubstantiated rumor, the television channel destroyed the original tapes in a fire once the broadcasting rights expired in 2006, meaning that anything that was not recorded by fans is now lost.