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Sailor Moon in Turkey refers to the broadcast of the Sailor Moon anime translated into Turkish and aired in Turkey, under the title Ay Savaşçısı (Moon Warrior).


Translation and Channels[edit]

The anime was first shown in Turkey on ATV from 1996 until 1998. It was later picked up again in 1999 by TRT, the national public broadcaster of Turkey, where all five seasons were shown on TRT1 until 2003; at first it was on weekdays, then later moved to weekends at 6:00 am.

In January 2014, Ege TV started airing a new Turkish dub of Sailor Moon R with a completely new cast. It was based on the first English dub, thus all changes done by DiC were present in this dub as well. It was shown Tuesdays to Fridays at 12:05 pm. Their dub of Sailor Moon S moved to another channel, Artı Bir TV, where it was shown at 8:30 am. From 2014 to 2018, Kidz/Animez TV broadcast the Turkish subtitled version of the first two seasons. It was initially broadcast every day at 9:30 pm, but the time slot switched to 11:30 pm in 2017.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

TRT Dub[edit]

  • The opening and ending theme songs for all seasons were instrumental versions of the songs originally used in those seasons.
  • The SuperS season used the third opening of the S season for the first few episodes.
  • All dialogue regarding Haruka and Michiru's relationship was changed to make them close friends rather than lovers.

Ege TV Dub[edit]

  • Similar to the Albanian dub, Sailor Moon's transformation music was used to cover the parts where the characters were speaking, since the dubbing studio did not buy the rights to the series.


Most names were unchanged, but the Sailor Senshi were called "Warriors" and their names followed a "[Planet Name] Savaşçısı" (Warrior) pattern.

Sailor Senshi[edit]

Original Turkish
Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino
Serena (Ege TV Dub)/Ay Savaşçısı
Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury Ami Mizuno/Merkür Savaşçısı
Rei Hino/Sailor Mars Rei Hino/Mars Savaşçısı
Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter Makoto Kino/Jüpiter Savaşçısı
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus Minako Aino
Mina (Ege TV Dub)/Venüs Savaşçısı
Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon Chibiusa/Küçük Ay Savaşçısı (Little Moon Warrior)
Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus Haruka Tenou/Uranüs Savaşçısı
Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune Michiru Kaiou/Neptün Savaşçısı
Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto Setsuna Meiou/Plüton Savaşçısı
Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn Hotaru Tomoe/Satürn Savaşçısı
Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask Mamoru Chiba/Smokinli Şövalye (Knight in Tuxedo)

Black Moon Clan[edit]

Original Turkish
Saphir Safir
Prince Demande Prens Diamanda (Prince Diamond)

Sailor Starlights[edit]

Original Turkish
Kou Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter Seiya Kou/Dövüşçü Yıldız Savaşçısı (Fighting Star Warrior)
Kou Taiki/Sailor Star Maker Taiki Kou/Kurucu Yıldız Savaşçısı (Founding Star Warrior)
Kou Yaten/Sailor Star Healer Yaten Kou/Hekim Yıldız Savaşçısı (Physician Star Warrior)

Voice Actors[edit]

TRT Dub[edit]

Character Actor
Usagi Tsukino/Ay Savaşçısı İlksen İlden
Ami Mizuno/Merkür Savaşçısı Banu Kuday
Rei Hino/Mars Savaşçısı Yasemin Şişli
Makoto Kino/Jüpiter Savaşçısı Sibel Görgülu Akyollu
Mamoru Chiba/Smokinli Şövalye Cüneyt Yağız Öner
Artemis Cüneyt Cakova
Prens Diamanda Cahit Çağıran
Safir Cüneyt Cakova
PallaPalla Berrin Öney

Transformations and Attacks[edit]


Sailor Moon[edit]
Original Turkish Translation
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Ay'ın Kristal Gücü Harekete Geç! Moon Crystal Power Move On!
Moon Princess Halation Ay Prensesi Saldırısı! Moon Princess Attack!
Sailor Mercury[edit]
Original Turkish Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up Merkür'ün Gücü! Harekete Geç! Mercury Power! Move On!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up Merkür'ün Gücü Harekete Geç!
Merkür Yıldız Gücü! Harekete Geç! (episode 75)
Mercury Power Move On!
Mercury Star Power! Move On!
Sabão Spray Baloncuk Spreyi! Bubble Spray!
Shine Aqua Illusion Parlak Su İllüzyonu! Shiny Water Illusion!
Sailor Mars[edit]
Original Turkish Translation
Mars Power, Make Up Mars'ın Gücü! Harekete Geç! Mars Power! Move On!
Mars Star Power, Make Up Mars Yıldız Gücü! Harekete Geç! Mars Star Power! Move On!
Burning Mandala Yanan Mandala! Burning Mandala!
Sailor Jupiter[edit]
Original Turkish Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up Jüpiter'in Gücü! Harekete Geç! Jupiter Power! Move On!
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up Jüpiter'in Yıldız Gücü Harekete Geç!
Jüpiter Yıldız Gücü! Harekete Geç!
Jupiter Star Power Move On!
Supreme Thunder Yüce Gök Gürültüsü! Supreme Thunder!
Sparkling Wide Pressure Parıldayan Geniş Basinç! Glowing Wide Pressure!
Sailor Venus[edit]
Original Turkish Translation
Venus Power, Make Up Venüs'ün Gücü! Harekete Geç! Venus Power! Move On!
Venus Star Power, Make Up Venüs Yıldız Gücü! Harekete Geç! Venus Star Power! Move On!
Venus Love-Me Chain Venüs Sev Beni Zinciri! Venus Love Me Chain!


Sailor Moon Eternal became available on Netflix with Turkish subtitles on June 3, 2021.


  • A few episodes were missing their voice track when they aired on Kidz/Animez, so only the background music and the sound effects could be heard for the entirety of the episode.
  • TRT's Turkish dub could be viewed in other countries on their international channel called TRT int (now TRT Türk).
  • The Kidz/Anime TV channel could also be received in Azerbaijan and Northern Cyprus as well.