Sailor Moon the novel 1: A Scout is Born

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Book Information
Title: Sailor Moon the novel 1: A Scout is Born
Author: Stu J. Levy
Type: Sailor Moon the Novels Novelization
Language: English
Publisher: Mixx Readz (TokyoPop)
ISBN: 1-892-21311-7
Year of Publication: 1999
Pages: 128

Sailor Moon the novel 1: A Scout is Born was a book published by Mixx Readz in April 1999 in the USA. The novel was a retelling of episode 1, episode 2, and episode 3 from the original Japanese anime, though it used the English dub names. The storyline was the same as in the anime, though some new dialogue was added.

The novel had twelve chapters, and each anime episode was covered in four chapters. It was told in third person by an omniscient narrator, but only Serena's thoughts were told.


  • In the novel Melvin's last name was given as "Grier" instead of Butlers, his last name in the English dub.
  • Andrew had the last name "Foreman" in the novel, though he was never given one in the dub. Yuuji Kimura never had any dub name, but was given the name Tim House.
  • Five of Serena's female classmates were given full names: June Chin, Kim Matthews, Lisa Brownridge, Rica Kelton, and Tina Marin.
  • As episode 2 was skipped by the first English dub of Sailor Moon, this novel was the first official North American depiction of its narrative.