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Website Information
Name: Sailor Orion's Refuge
Type: Otaku Senshi site
Webmaster(s): Meghann McCall
Language: English
Status: Defunct

Sailor Orion's Refuge was a fansite run by Meghann McCall, who operated the site under the alias of her main character, Giseino Shinzui. The site went online Christmas Day of 1999 on AOL before it moved to the domain in 2001. After she lost ownership of that domain, the site was moved to, where it remained until it closed in August 2004. The site received an estimated 150 hits per day at the peak of its popularity.

Its most popular features included a Sailor Generator KiSS doll (see section below) and Profile Form to help Otaku Senshi creators with their new characters. The Sailor X Generator was inspired by the Sailor Generator of Sailor Orion's Refuge.[1] There were also many tutorials on how to write fanfiction, and the Refuge was listed by The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever as being a good resource for fanfiction writers.[2] Also popular was the S.E.C., or Senshi Exchange Club, which allowed members to trade "charms," which were pixel images of their fan characters.

Sailor Moon O: Orion's Story[edit]

Front page of Sailor Orion's Refuge

The site featured 34 chapters of a popular, though incomplete, fanfiction titled "Sailor Moon O: Orion's Story," which can still be found on[3] The main character of the story, Sailor Orion, was a white haired Sailor Senshi with a complicated past tied to the Dark Kingdom (Negaverse) and Sailor Uranus. Ms. McCall, who now authors under the pen name Merry Shannon, has stated, "I have some interest in finishing the story, yes. I do know how it ends. In fact, I've known since the beginning how it would end. The only problem I think I'd have now is that my current writing style has progressed so much that I'm not sure it would even sound like the same person wrote it, were I to finish it." She also stated that there would be six more chapters to the story, but because of current writing deadlines it is unlikely she would be working on it anytime soon.[4]

Sailor Generator[edit]

Sailor Generator KiSS doll

The Sailor Generator, also known as Sailor Orion's Portrait Shoppe, was a KiSS doll maker which could be used to create a customized image of a Sailor Senshi. The generator included thirteen hairstyles to choose from, including odango. Skin, hair, and eye color could be chosen; both bows had to be the same color; different lengths of gloves (or no gloves) could be chosen; tiaras could be gold, silver, or not present; and tiara stones could be a variety of colors but only the one shape. A variety of shoes could also be selected.

Site Closure[edit]

Information about the site closing was posted on July 10, 2004. The site update said, "After five and a half years online, I am very sorry to announce that I have decided to close the Refuge. Current demands on my finances, as well as the fact that I just don't update any longer, make it impractical for me to renew the domain and webspace."[5] She thanked her visitors and gave permission for others to begin projects like the S.E.C. and Sailor Generator. She decided to let the site expire rather than exist as a static site on a free server because she "wanted the site to go out gracefully and on a positive note" instead of exist as "an online corpse."[4]

Currently, Ms Shannon is working on her second novel, Branded Ann, a pirate story that should be coming out next year. Her first published novel, Sword of the Guardian, was published by Bold Strokes Books in 2006 and won two GCLS Literary Awards for New Author and Speculative Fiction in 2007.[6]


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