Sailor Star Tambourine

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Sailor Senshi Weapon
Mercury's Sailor Star Tambourine
Item Name: Sailor Star Tambourine
Item Name (kanji/kana): セーラー・スター・タンバリン
Used by: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus
Attack(s) Required For: Jupiter Thunderbolt; Mercury Aqua Storm; Moonlight Attractive Attack, Sailor Planet Attack (group attacks)
First Appearance: Act 26 - Usagi is the Real Princess!

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the Sailor Star Tambourines were items given to the Inner Senshi by Artemis. The Senshi used them to focus their powers and make their attacks stronger, as well as perform special group attacks. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury had their own special attacks with their Tambourines, Jupiter Thunderbolt and Mercury Aqua Storm, respectively; it can be assumed that the other Senshi had them as well, but they never appeared on screen.

The Senshi could also transform their Tambourines into weapons. Sailor Mercury could create a sword, and Sailor Jupiter could create a spear. Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus could create a pair of daggers.