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The Sailor V Game in the anime

The Sailor V Game was a sidescrolling game that was seemingly made by Artemis in volume 2 of the Sailor V manga. He used it to train Minako in the use of her powers without her seeming to realize it, although she at first found it boring. The Secret Base was also located underneath the machine; the door to it opened when the words "GAME ENDLESS" appeared on screen.

In Sailor Moon (anime and manga), Usagi was a fan of the Sailor V game and often visited the Game Center Crown to play it throughout the first couple of seasons/arcs. In the manga, she was also trained by the game without realizing it (as Sailor V used the Moon Stick) and the game character (possibly Minako herself) even spoke to her once. Also in the manga, Usagi's Disguise Pen, Ami's transformation pen, and their communicator watches all came from the game when Ami reached a high score and Usagi hit the machine.