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In the Sailor Moon universe, sailor fuku, or sera fuku (セーラー服; sailor costume), refers to the uniform worn by the Senshi in combat. It was based on the sailor style of school uniforms in Japan, but the combat outfits had obvious differences.

All sailor fuku (for the Senshi who lived on Earth) were made up of a leotard and chest protector, and had a sailor collar with ribbons on the chest and back waist, shoulder pads, pleated skirt, choker, gloves, and tiara. Besides the variation on colors, each Senshi had personalized variations on the same basic style. Many of the small variations on each Senshi's fuku corresponded with how their school uniform looked.

Variations of Sailor Fuku[edit]

In the manga and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the characters also had accessories on their sailor fuku, such as belts. The Sera Myu costumes were also embellished with extra decorations and glitter, with extra flipped skirt pleats, gold piping along costume seams, raised collars, and other slight changes designed to look good on stage. In the live-action series, Dark Mercury had a different style of bows and vine-like black lace and embroidery. The Sailor Starlights and Sailor Animamates had very different sailor fuku from the Solar System Senshi, though key elements, such as the sailor collar and variations on the tiara, remained the same.