Silence Glaive (attack)

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This article is about Sailor Saturn's attack in the video game Sailor Moon S Kurukkurin. For Sailor Saturn's weapon, see Silence Glaive.
Video Game Attacks
Silence Glaive
Attack Name: Silence Glaive
Attack Name (kanji/kana): サイレンス・グレイブ
Performed by: Sailor Saturn
Game: Sailor Moon S Kurukkurin

Silence Glaive was an attack used by Sailor Saturn in the puzzle game Sailor Moon S Kurukkurin. In that game, the attacks of the Sailor Senshi would hinder their opponents' goal instead of damaging them directly. In this attack, Sailor Saturn released a dense mist that made three Daimon Eggs appear on the opponent's field. Since the goal of the game was to get the three Talismans before the opponent, and Daimon Eggs would destroy any Talisman close to them when they hatched, this was a very effective attack.