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Video Game Character
Name: Sin
Name (kanji/kana): シン
Alignment: Oppositio Senshi
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Lives: Crystal Tokyo
Occupation: Servant of Apsu
Family: Anshar (younger brother)
Associates: Apsu and the other Oppositio Senshi
Aliases: Deity of Destruction
Game: Sailor Moon: Another Story

Sin was a character who appeared in the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story. She was an Oppositio Senshi and Sailor Moon's opposite.

Although Sin was evil-minded and cunning, she deeply cared for her little brother Anshar; even though his desires went against hers, she never thought twice about helping him. She wanted to capture the Silver Crystal so that she and Anshar could have a peaceful destiny.

After their parents were killed by the Black Moon Clan, Sin was stricken with grief and grew angry not only at the Black Moon, but also at the Sailor Senshi, for not coming to their aid. Apsu took advantage of this feeling and talked Sin into joining her cause, saying that the Silver Crystal was a bigger concern for the Senshi than innocent human lives.

Sin was the driving force behind the Oppositio Senshi's plans, using even Anshar's affection for Chibiusa to further her ends, and attempted to change destiny by going to the Silver Millennium in the past to prevent the Senshi from existing in the future. When Prince Demande released Sailor Moon, whom he had kidnapped, Sin tried to kill him, angered by his weakness. Saphir, however, stepped in and took the blow for his brother. Sin engaged the Senshi, led by Sailor Chibi Moon, in battle, but was defeated and retreated, but not before killing Demande.

Later, in a desperate move, Sin decided to change the destiny of Usagi's younger brother, Shingo. She used Anshar's pet, Kishar, as a lure to bring him to the Dark Castle, the Oppositio Senshi's headquarters in Crystal Tokyo. The Senshi managed to avert this threat by splitting into two teams, and saved both the future Silver Millennium and Shingo's life. Even though Sailor Moon used the power of the Silver Crystal to set the other Oppositio Senshi free from Apsu's control, Sin's will to change her destiny to a peaceful life with Anshar and her parents was too strong.

Sin allowed herself to be absorbed by Apsu after the Opposito Senshi, and later Apsu herself, failed to defeat the Sailor Senshi. She believed that they would start a new fate. Together, they become the Deity of Destruction. After the Deity was defeated, Apsu was killed, but Sin was saved by Sailor Moon, much to her friends' and her brother's relief. Seeing this as a second chance, Sin took this opportunity to turn over a new leaf with Anshar and the former Oppositio Senshi.