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Spa deVleene was a weight-loss course run by deVleene in Act 9 of the Codename: Sailor V manga. deVleene introduced special fattening "Rainbow Chocolates" in Japan just before Valentine's Day, then advertised Spa deVleene as soon as the the female population was ready for it. Panicked women who wanted to be attractive for Valentine's Day took Spa deVleene by storm. The special weight-loss pods inside Spa deVleene, however, only drained the energy from the customers, while deVleene used special mirrors to make them think they were losing weight.

Minako Aino disguised herself in order to sneak into Spa deVleene with Toshio Wakagi, where she stumbled upon deVleene's actual plot. After she finally managed to destroy the Dark Agency's minion, Spa deVleene vanished - but the weight all the women had gained did not.


  • The Shapelin gym and its Shape Ray in the anime were similar to Spa deVleene and its special weight-loss pods.