Space Sword

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Sailor Senshi Weapon
Space Sword in the anime
Item Name: Space Sword
Item Name (kanji/kana): スペース・ソード
English Name: Space Sword (manga), Saber (anime)
Used by: Sailor Uranus
Attack(s) Required For: Space Sword Blaster
First Appearance (anime): Death of Uranus and Neptune? Talismans Appear
First Appearance (manga): Act 30 Mugen 4 SAILORURANUS Tenou Haruka SAILORNEPTUNE Kaiou Michiru

The Space Sword was Sailor Uranus' talisman that was sealed within her Pure Heart. She could use the sword to perform her attack Space Sword Blaster, which was her most powerful attack in the anime.

In the anime, when the sword was brought together with the other talismans, the Deep Aqua Mirror and the Garnet Orb, it produced the Holy Grail. In the manga, Sailor Uranus already had the weapon when she first appeared, and instead of summoning the Holy Grail, the talismans summoned Sailor Saturn.

In the anime, the sword's blade was red, and was often concealed with a jewel-decorated sheath. The handle of the sword was golden. The Space Sword in the manga was silver, and the blade was much longer than it was in the anime. In the musicals, the Space Sword had the same appearance as in the anime, but its blade was silver, and did not have a sheath to cover it.