Sunny Skies After a Storm! A Friendship Dedicated to Hotaru

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Episode Data
Usagi originally wanted to picnic with just Mamoru
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 嵐のち晴れ! ほたるに捧げる友情
Name (Romaji): Arashi nochi Hare! Hotaru ni Sasageru Yuujou
Name (Translated): Sunny Skies After a Storm! A Friendship Dedicated to Hotaru
Name (Viz Dub): Sunny Skies After a Storm: A Friendship Dedicated to Hotaru
Episode Number: 116
Director: Yuji Endo
Writer: Megumi Sugihara
Animation Director: Jouji Yanase
Air Date: December 3, 1994
Previous Episode: Shadow of Silence? The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly
Next Episode: Higher, Stronger! Cheers by Usagi
English Dub Episode
Name: Thorny Weather
Number: 109
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: July 18, 2000
Previous Episode: The Shadow of Silence
Next Episode: Heightened Hazard

Chibiusa invites Hotaru on a picnic at a local botanical garden, not realising that the resident botanist is the next target of the Death Busters.


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Episode trivia[edit]

  • This is the first episode which did not feature Ami or Makoto since their respective introductory episodes.
  • When Usagi and Chibiusa were playing leapfrog and Chibiusa landed on Usagi's back, there was one single frame that showed a naked SD Usagi.


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