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DVD Information
Title: Let's Dance Together! Sailor Moon Super Dance Lesson
Season: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
DVD Region: N/A
Catalog Number: N/A
Release Date: July 2004
Audio Tracks: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD chronology
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Super Dance Lesson was an instructional video created in conjunction with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon's Kirari Super Live performance, and released in VHS format. It was available only through special order forms included in the magazines Youchien, Mebae, and Shougaku Ichinensei in July 2004.

In this video, Usagi, Makoto, and Luna taught how to perform two dances for the image songs "Here We Go!" and "Romance." The dances for "C'est La Vie" and "Kirari*Sailor Dream!" were also performed but not taught.

Here We Go![edit]

The dance for "Here We Go!" is primarily leg movements. The dancer changes direction with a criss-crossing stomp. The rest of the movements are not explained in the lesson but are fairly simple and easy to pick up.


The dance for "Romance" is primarily a series of hand movements. With fingers splayed and palms together, the dancer moves them in alternating directions to create a "sparkle" effect. This is done during all of the "baby baby" sections of the chorus. Other movements include "turning off an overhead light," cheek tapping, a peace sign, a heart, cradling the head, and finger twirling.