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This title is strangely lesbianic... I'm assuming there is a lesbian subtext between those two in the live action?--Ohtori_akio 00:11, 12 August 2006 (MST)

I suppose you haven't watched PGSM? There's no outright lesbianism in the show, but there're plenty of suggestive minor jesture/mannerism/facial expression in the interaction b/n the 2 peppered in the series. Whether it's genuine les or just very close female friendship is up to the viewer's interpretation, but their especially close relationship among the Senshi is beyond doubt. Some fans regard them as a substitute of the Haruka-Michiru one, as PGSM only covers the 1st manga arc. As for this episode, I've to disappoint you that we can't see Minako transforming nude in front of Rei. :P 210 03:00, 12 August 2006 (MST)
Thanks for that analysis. I should watch this series and I think I will now, it sounds cool. And no, I don't really want to see Minako naked transforming, Mamoru however... :) The bit of the title that goes "in front of Rei's Eyes" is a little incorrect and also makes the whole thing feel perverted, don't you think?--Ohtori_akio 03:35, 12 August 2006 (MST)
In a mini drama attached w/ Act Zero, you can see Mamoru transforming, tho I won't spoil it here as for "how". lol And I only feel that after you've pointed it out. lol 210 03:52, 12 August 2006 (MST)

Should "me" & "mae" be in kanji? Pls double chk. Thx! 210 03:31, 12 August 2006 (MST)

So, if the air date is Jan 31, does that make Jan 31 the date that Rei's mother died? In other words, is the air date of PGSM the date in the timeline?--Sakky 19:20, 20 September 2006 (MST)

Interesting observation. Whether it's valid or not depends on your assumption for your latter question. But I remember the episode w/ the New Year party was aired some time after the New Year's Day & New Year public holidays (tho still in Jan.). Of course you could still argue that they held the party some time later, but that's less likely. 210 02:48, 21 September 2006 (MST)
I figure it's probably not the same day, but I wish there was something in the episode to indicate the date. On a slightly different topic, do we know the name of the guy that plays the priest?--Sakky 05:34, 21 September 2006 (MST)
If you meant the actor's name, it's now in the cast list of the article. But if it's the character's name - did he get one? I can't remember. 210 06:50, 21 September 2006 (MST)
They did hold the New Year's party late - they mentioned it in the episode that they were celebrating after school started because they had to delay the party. Kerochan no Miko 11:21, 21 September 2006 (MST)
Really? That makes me excited. Is there anything in PGSM that directly references the date in nearby episodes?--Sakky 15:45, 21 September 2006 (MST)
ISTR mention of birthdays and suchlike in upcoming episodes - I haven't been watching for it, but I will now. Kerochan no Miko 16:05, 21 September 2006 (MST)
Me too! And I consider such arrangement as a deliberate attempt to synchronize the timelines of the drama & reality. Pending for further inputs from Kerochan, we might be able to infer the full death date of Risa Hino. 210 17:36, 21 September 2006 (MST)
Act 19 aired on Valentine's Day, and it was Valentine's Day in the show. I think we can be reasonably certain that the show follows the real world's timeline. Kerochan no Miko 20:04, 21 September 2006 (MST)

^ Just a thought, though: it was a weekly show, right? So it would probably have a set weekday when it airs, but some of the episodes are set on schooldays and others on weekends. I think it's more likely that they just aired special shows on big holidays. A lot of TV shows have holiday specials.Lachesis 14:06, 23 September 2006 (MST)

And the stories in some episodes might actually span for more than 1 day, but special days such as holidays &, in this case, Risa's day of death, could still be synchronized w/ the real world. In any case, I was cautious on this matter when I wrote "could be inferred" in the trivia section. 210 18:16, 23 September 2006 (MST)
Now I've also incorporated this issue raised by you into the trivia section. Thx for your input! 210 18:32, 23 September 2006 (MST)


Definitely! I wrote Act 19's episode trivia about that myself & I totally forgot it! So Sakky you should be happy now (I know I am). 210 20:58, 21 September 2006 (MST)

^ Yeah! ^_^ I am! So we can infer that Risa died on Jan 31, 1995 and that she was 32 when she passed, at least in PGSM anyway. So, how old is Rei in the show? 14? So that makes her born in 1992 when Risa was 29... and 2 years old when her mom died? (with a third birthday coming in April). Le sad.  :(--Sakky 05:15, 22 September 2006 (MST)

Rei was 14 when the show started in 2003. ^^ Pls recalculate the other nos. accordingly as I'm too sleepy to do that right now, but I feel that it'll match the young Rei as seen on screen. In any case, yeah, it's sad. It could be Rei's childhood trauma. T_T 210 06:00, 22 September 2006 (MST)

Latest trivia addition[edit]

I'll leave these goofs to Kerochan for verification (she's watched all PGSM episodes lately), but if they're true, it'd be big news - at least to me. lol --210 04:13, 2 March 2007 (MST)

The "big" news now confirmed. lol --210 18:16, 2 March 2007 (MST)
What "big" news...? Kerochan no Miko 19:00, 2 March 2007 (MST)
It's "big" to me, since I didn't know it before - read my 1st comment of this section. --210 19:59, 2 March 2007 (MST)
I did. Several times. I have no idea what you're talking about, which is why I asked. Kerochan no Miko 20:05, 2 March 2007 (MST)

Article Move[edit]

Propose to move to "Minako Transforms in Front of Rei's Eyes!", as per the Japanese title. --210 06:40, 28 March 2010 (MST)

Okay, but there's another PGSM article pending move that hasn't been moved yet.
St. Juban, that's a saint that is not in my calendar... :P Silver 07:38, 28 March 2010 (MST)
The kanji for "ju" looks like a cross, tho. --210 23:24, 28 March 2010 (MST)
Maybe, but it's written in Roman letters as "St. Juban Church." Kerochan no Miko 23:41, 28 March 2010 (MST)
The Japanese name for the Cross actually starts w/ the word "ju" (十). --210 23:52, 28 March 2010 (MST)
Nevermind, I moved it. Silver 07:56, 28 March 2010 (MST)