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I know some people don't like the term, but in the anime at least, 'Sailor Team' is used to refer to the five Inner Senshi. Dooky 13:04, 15 May 2006 (MST)

Isn't Sailor Team later used to refer to the "Inners" and the "Outers"? GracieLizzie 13:11, 15 May 2006 (MST)
I remember it being used specifically to refer to the Inners in the last episode of S. Chibiusa says something like: "The Sailor Team are my friends" (which implies that the term doesn't include her either) in specific reference to the Inners. Someone - possibly Ian - had evidence of it being used in other context, but I think this might have been on merchandise/publicity material. I really only specialise in the anime, so I can't speak with much authority about any other continuity. Dooky 14:26, 16 May 2006 (MST)
I don't consider Chibi Moon to be part of the Inner Senshi at all, but rather as part of a third group called the "Core", which includes Mamoru and Usagi. -- DENelson83 06:02, 25 July 2006 (MST)
It's a term which can mean anything to anyone as it isn't official anyway. So if to you it doesn't include Moon the fair-dos, I know people who put Moon, Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi Moon together in a Moon Senshi group. GracieLizzie 05:17, 29 August 2006 (MST)