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Sailor Senshi Items
Item Name: {{{Name}}}
Item Name (Kanji/kana): {{{JP Name}}}
Used by: {{{Senshi}}}
Used for: {{{Use}}}
First Appearance: {{{First}}}


For more extensive usage information, please see the talk page.
{{PGSM Senshi Items
| image                    =
| caption                  =
| color                    =
| Name                     = 
| JP Name                  =
| Senshi                   =
| Use                      =
| First                    =
Color Scheme for Senshi Item Boxes (replace the 'color' parameter with one of these, kids)
Color Senshi
#ffccff Sailor Moon
#3399ff Sailor Mercury
#ff9999 Sailor Mars
#66cc33 Sailor Jupiter
#ff9900 Sailor Venus
#cc99ff Sailor Luna
#cccccc Multiple Senshi