The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle

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Episode Data
Sailor Mars wishes she had kissed Yuuichirou before they left
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): セーラー戦士死す! 悲壮なる最終戦
Name (Romaji): Seeraa Senshi Shisu! Hisounaru Saishuusen
Name (Translated): The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Battle
Name (Viz Dub): Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle
Episode Number: 45
Director: Kounosuke Uda
Writer: Shigeru Yanagawa
Animation Director: Ikuko Ito
Air Date: February 20, 1993
Previous Episode: Usagi's Awakening! A Message From the Distant Past
Next Episode: Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation
First English Dub Episode
Name: Day of Destiny (contains elements of Japanese episodes 45 and 46 combined)
Number: 40
Company: DiC
Air Date: October 24, 1995 (Canada), November 3, 1995 (USA)
Previous Episode: The Past Returns
Next Episode: The Return of Sailor Moon

With Queen Metalia's revival now imminent, the Sailor Senshi teleport to D Point, facing certain death.


It is the start of the final battle and the Senshi have just appeared at the North Pole using the Sailor Teleport. They are preparing to approach Beryl's stronghold. Beryl has sent five of her most powerful Youma, the DD Girls, against the senshi. The youmas' arms can morph into steel-hard tentacles that can generate tremendous heat and lightning. They are capable of burrowing through rock and ice and of using their bodies to create illusions that have all the force of the real thing.

Sailor Jupiter[edit]

After fooling Sailor Moon twice with illusions of a trapped and tortured Tuxedo Mask, the Youma launch their first attack. The Senshi quickly drop back to avoid being struck by the stabbing tentacles. But at the last moment, Sailor Jupiter turns back and attempts to stop the attack with a Supreme Thunder. Before she can complete her attack, however, she is distracted by the illusion of a trapped and tortured Motoki. In that moment of hesitation, four Youma burst up from the ground around Jupiter and, along with the Youma masquerading as Motoki, hold her suspended in the air with their tentacles. The Youma release electrical blast after blast into Jupiter's body. Jupiter responds back with a Supreme Thunder. Initially, Jupiter's electric attack has almost no effect on the Youma, but she does not stop this time. She screams as she increases her power output to an unbelievable level. A white ball grows from her tiara and explodes, blasting two of the Youma to atoms and stunning the other three. The resulting blast throws up an intricate ice tree from the tundra upon which Jupiter is suspended upside down. With her dying breath, she encourages Sailor Moon to cheer up and continue the battle with Beryl.

Sailor Mercury[edit]

Sailor Moon is morally crushed by Jupiter's death and screams to Beryl to take the Ginzuishou, that she gives up. Sailor Mercury slaps Sailor Moon, but quickly apologizes for the act, telling her that Jupiter's death must not be in vain. By this time, the three remaining Youma have recovered and are once again on the attack. Mercury's computer gives warning and she urges the others to go ahead while she distracts the approaching Youma. She tells them that their strong offensive powers are more important now then her own. The Senshi reluctantly go, leaving Mercury to face the enemy alone. The Youma create an illusion of Urawa, but Mercury immediately sees through it. Failing that attack, the Youma launch a lava flow illusion at Mercury which she stops with a Sabão Spray. The Youma instantly regroup and attack again with a lava boulder aimed directly against Mercury. It smashes into the ground and the blast blows Mercury away, but then it continues to roll towards her. Mercury uses the brief reprieve to determine that the illusions are all being created by the jewel in the leader's tiara. She then barely has time to surround herself with a Sabão Spray shield to protect herself from the immense heat before being entombed in the lava. While the youma grip Mercury with tentacles and fry her with blast after blast, the leader gloats in front of her. With her last remaining strength, Mercury lifts up her computer and smashes the illusion jewel with the corner of it. The boulder disappears and Mercury is left dead on the remaining ice crater. No Youma are killed, but they have lost a powerful weapon.

Sailor Venus[edit]

Sailor Moon is once again dealt a crushing blow as she senses Mercury's death. As she falls to the ground and mourns her friend's death, the Youma attack from below the ice. Sailor Venus sees the ground begin to glow and she throws herself against Sailor Moon, knocking her out of danger, but exposing herself to the attack. The Youma's tentacles blast out of the ground thrusting Venus up into the air. Sailor Moon screams out for the Youma to take the Ginzuishou, but Venus screams back that she would never forgive Sailor Moon if she gave it up. The Youma tentacles jerk Venus underground and torture her with blast after blast. Venus responds with her Crescent Beam, pointing her finger directly between the eyes of the Youma in front of her. The resulting ground zero blast kills them both and suspends Venus on an intricate tree of ice.

Sailor Mars[edit]

Sailor Moon is now almost completely comatose from dealing with death after death. Sailor Mars, knowing this will be her last chance, tells Sailor Moon that even though they argue all the time, it was fun. Then the last two Youma appear before them. Mars approaches the Youma telling Sailor Moon to stay back and save her strength for the greater battle with Beryl that is still to come. Mars prepares to attack with Fire Soul, but the two Youma rocket underground with blinding speed before she can wind up. The Youma explode out from below, encasing Mars in an ice mountain. As one of the Youma fights Mars in the inside, the second attacks Sailor Moon. As a dazed Moon stares blankly at the tentacles shooting down at her, a Fire Soul blast smashes out of the mountain and destroys the Youma before it can harm Sailor Moon. The last Youma continues the attack against Mars from within the mountain. With a final blast, the ice mountain explodes and the last Youma, the leader with the now smashed and useless illusion jewel, stands there holding the lifeless body of Mars. The youma drops Mars and rises into the air preparing to finish off the senseless Sailor Moon. As the Youma's tentacles float by Mars, her hand reaches out and grabs the tip, growling "It's not over yet!". Mars can barely lift her head, but she looks up to the Youma one final time and shouts out "Fire..... SOUL!". The resulting fire storm climbs up the Youma's arm and annihilates it.

Sailor Moon sits hopeless and discouraged when the spirits of the Senshi appear to encourage her and tell her that they will always be with her. Mars finishes by gently commanding her that she must now go on. Her spirit restored, Sailor Moon races towards her final encounter with Beryl.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • The Sailor Senshi used Sailor Teleport for the first time in this episode.
  • This was the first time Usagi was shown making curry for dinner. The second time, in episode 66, had much better results.
  • According to the book Warriors of Legend, some children were so upset by the deaths of the four Sailor Senshi in this episode that they made themselves sick.


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