The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyuu Appears

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Sailor Lead Crow targets Sailor Moon for her Star Seed, as the Sailor Starlights go after Chibi Chibi, believing that she knows where their Princess is.


Episode Data
Sailor Moon's Star Seed appears
Original Episode
Name (Kana): うばわれた銀水晶! 火球皇女出現
Name (Romaji): Ubawareta Ginzuishou! Kakyuu Purinsesu Shutsugen
Name (Translated): The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Princess Kakyuu Appears
Name (Dub): The Stolen Silver Crystal: Princess Kakyu Appears
Episode Number: 193
Director: Takuya Igarashi
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Miho Shimogasa
Air Date: November 30, 1996
Previous Episode: Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born
Next Episode: Holy War in the Galaxy! Sailor Wars Legend

It is time for the school festival at Juuban Municipal High School, and Usagi's class is planning to have a coffee shop. As they work on preparations, Minako and Makoto arrive and show off the maid costumes the girls will wear. Usagi tells them she likes getting ready for the festival because everyone is working together with the same goal. Just then "Nagareboshi He" begins playing on a radio nearby, and the girls observe that the Three Lights are still singing.

At Ginga TV, Sailor Lead Crow goes through things on Sailor Aluminum Seiren's desk, vowing that she will find the true Star Seed. She finds Seiren's diary, and as she opens it to the bookmarked page, looks surprised.

Sailor Galaxia sits in her throne room, thinking to herself that she cannot conquer the galaxy as long as "that person" exists. Sailor Tin Nyanko appears and Galaxia berates her for not finding a Star Seed yet. Sailor Lead Crow arrives and declares that she has found the bearer of a Star Seed, and will not fail. After the two Sailor Animamates leave and are back in civilian disguise, Nyanko Suzu confronts Akane Karasuma, annoyed because of her confidence, but Akane just shrugs her off by saying she wouldn't understand.

Seiya plays the drums with frenzied energy, as Yaten and Taiki watch, looking concerned. Seiya then expresses his frustration that the Princess hasn't appeared, even after all their work, and stalks out the door. The other two talk about how they felt the Princess' presence near Chibi Chibi.

Seiya walks down the street, noticing that their song is filling the entire city. He arrives at the Tsukino residence and pauses out front. In her bedroom, Usagi sees a butterfly of red light fly past and disappear out the window; when she follows it, she sees Seiya outside. The two of them talk, and Usagi tells him about the school festival and asks him to come. Chibi Chibi sleepily wanders over and distracts Usagi, and Seiya excuses himself, but says he will come to the festival. As he leaves, though, he sees one of the butterflies go past and disappear into Usagi's room, and senses the Princess's aura.

At the school festival, the girls wonder if the Three Lights will show up, but Usagi tells the others that Seiya promised to come. When he arrives, Makoto realizes that they are out of cake and rushes off to make some more.

Chibi Chibi walks through the festival and, seeing a red butterfly fly past, chases after it. She finally stops and sits by a tree, then pulls the incense burner out; the butterfly lands on top of it and disappears. Yaten and Taiki arrive and demand that she give them the burner, recognizing it as belonging to their Princess, but Chibi Chibi refuses. Makoto and Rei see the confrontation and Makoto hurries off to help while Rei goes to alert the others. When Makoto arrives she gets angry at them for bullying a child and faces off with Yaten. Seiya arrives with the other girls and tells them to stop. The Three Lights exchange some angry words and Usagi gets upset that they can't work together.

After the Three Lights leave, the girls wonder why they were going after Chibi Chibi, but Usagi defends them. Akane Karasuma suddenly appears and announces that she discovered from Seiren's journal that Usagi has a true Star Seed; she reveals herself as Sailor Lead Crow and announces that she will take it. In response, the Sailor Senshi all transform.

Yaten and Taiki tell Seiya about how they'd sensed the Princess's aura around Chibi Chibi, and that she has the Princess's incense burner. As they talk, one of the butterflies arrives and leads them back toward the school.

The Inner Senshi attack Sailor Lead Crow, but she sends them flying with her whip. The Sailor Starlights arrive, and Sailor Lead Crow tells them she knows their identities, too. She pulls out a contained black hole and threatens to let it free to swallow the school unless Sailor Moon gives up her Star Seed. Sailor Moon agrees, refusing to let innocents become involved, and Sailor Lead Crow fires a blast from her bracelets that removes her Star Seed. The Silver Crystal appears and Sailor Lead Crow marvels at its beauty, but she is hit by an energy blast and drops the black hole's container. Sailor Tin Nyanko laughs at her and says she will take the Star Seed. As Sailor Lead Crow is swallowed up by the slowly-growing black hole, she whispers an apology to Seiren, then disappears. Sailor Star Fighter tries to fire Star Serious Laser at Nyanko, but it is instead absorbed by the black hole. Chibi Chibi blocks Sailor Tin Nyanko's path, and both she and Usagi are also pulled into the black hole. Sailor Tin Nyanko starts to leave, but just then the black hole is destroyed by a massive surge of energy from within.

Where the black hole used to be, Chibi Chibi now stands, holding the incense burner in the air with the unconscious Usagi floating above her. The Animamate jumps into her phone booth and disappears. A spiral of red butterflies swirls around Usagi, and the Silver Crystal returns to her body. Princess Kakyuu then appears, holding Usagi up in mid-air.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • When Chibi Chibi was walking through the school fair, Sonoko Ijuuin was visible through one of the school windows behind her.
  • When Sailor Moon gave herself up to Sailor Lead Crow's direct attack, the red chevron-shaped bracelets on the wrists of her gloves were briefly missing.


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