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Musical Information
The Super Live poster
The Super Live official poster
Name (kanji/kana): "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" The Super Live
Name (romaji): "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" The Super Live
Name (translated): "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" The Super Live
First Performance: August 31, 2018 (Tokyo)
November 3, 2018 (Paris)
March 24, 2019 (Washington D.C.)
March 29, 2019 (New York City)
April 7, 2023 (Taipei)
Last Performance: September 9, 2018 (Tokyo)
November 4, 2018 (Paris)
March 24, 2019 (Washington D.C.)
March 30, 2019 (New York City)
April 9, 2023 (Taipei)
Number of Performances: 9 (Tokyo)
2 (Paris)
1 (Washington D.C.)
3 (New York City)
4 (Taipei)
Previous Musical: Nogizaka46 Version Musical
Next Musical: Nogizaka46 Version Musical 2019

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” The Super Live was a musical stage show based on the Dark Kingdom arc which began its run in 2018, and was the first time a show was made with international audiences in mind. It was first announced as a part of the Japan exposition in France, Japonismes 2018, with plans to take it to other parts of the world later on.

It made its debut in the Tokyo previews, with three casts of Inner Senshi split into groups of five to perform with each team. Kanae Yumemiya, Natsuki Koga, and Tomomi Kasai starred as Sailor Moon in "Cast ❤," "Cast ◆," and "Cast ♪," respectively.

Cast ❤ went on to be called "Team Paris," as they performed later in France. A mix of Senshi actresses from Team ♪ and Team ◆ were chosen to go to America to perform the full show as a part of Japan 2019 and The National Cherry Blossom Festival. This group of performers is nicknamed "Team America." A mix of the three original casts formed "Team Taipei," who performed in Taiwan in 2023.

Unlike the other Sailor Moon musicals, The Super Live had barely any spoken lines and the great majority of songs are instrumental, a choice which reduces the language barrier between the audience and the show.

US Tour[edit]

Before their performance in Washington D.C. as a part of The National Cherry Blossom Festival, the cast made an appearance at its opening ceremony on March 23, 2019, where they performed four songs: "Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians," "Ichirin no Bara," "La Soldier," and "Moonlight Densetsu." The ceremony was live-streamed worldwide via Facebook.

The US performances included English supertitles displayed on stage, with the occasional lines appearing in speech bubbles.

The cast, called then "Team America," included Tomomi Kasai, Momoko Kaechi, Yui Hasegawa, Kanna Matsuzaki, and Yu Nakanishi as the Inner Senshi. The Youma ensemble consisted of Atsumi Matsubayashi, Izumi Niihashi, Ayumi Higashikawa, Moeko Koizumi, and Hinako Aikawa.

Taiwan Perfomances[edit]

After over four years without a full show, The Super Live debuted in Taiwan in April 2023.

"Team Taipei" included Natsuki Koga, Cocona, Kyoko Ninomiya, Shio Yamazaki, and Saaya Goto as the Inner Senshi. The Youma ensemble consisted of Mizuki Donjou, Aiko Enomoto, Ayumi Higashikawa, Moeko Koizumi, and Suzuka Osawa. Juri Hirayu joined the cast as the new Queen Beryl.

Musical Numbers[edit]

  1. GeneiⅠ
  2. Joou Kunrin
  3. Good Morning! (Sorry, I’m late…)
  4. Moonlight Densetsu (short version)
  5. Matenrou no yoru
  6. Ecole!School Gakkou Gakkou
  7. Metamorphosis
  8. Barairo no Tatakai
  9. Koisuru Usagi
  10. BestFriends
  12. Go to the Arcade!!
  13. Ordinary days
  14. 「OI,ODANGO!」
  16. Electro Go Round
  17. Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians (battle version)
  18. Tousouchu
  19. Otome no Policy (ballade version)
  20. Shinshoku
  21. GeneiⅡ
  22. Welcome to Dark Kingdom
  23. Strike Back
  24. GeneiⅢ
  25. Aijou
  26. Omoi, Soshite
  27. La prière
  28. On the Moon
  29. Moon Crisis Re;Make Up

Service Numbers[edit]

  1. Dance De Medley
  2. Otome no Policy
  3. Tokoyami no Dark Kingdom
  4. Ichirin no Bara
  5. La Soldier
  6. Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians
  7. Moonlight Densetsu


Cast ❤

Cast ◆

Cast ♪

- Atsumi Matsubayashi (Cast ❤, Cast ◆, Team Paris, Team America)
- Izumi Niihashi (Cast ❤, Cast ♪, Team Paris, Team America)
- Mizuki Donjou (Cast ❤, Cast ♪, Team Paris, Team Taipei)
- Suzuka Osawa (Cast ❤, Cast ♪, Team Paris, Team Taipei)
- Miyuu Ohashi (Cast ❤, Cast ♪, Team Paris)
- Aiko Enomoto (Cast ◆, Team Taipei)
- Ayumi Higashikawa (Cast ◆, Team America, Team Taipei)
- Moeko Koizumi (Cast ◆, Cast ♪, Team America, Team Taipei)
- Hinako Aikawa (Cast ◆, Team America)


  • Voice actress and singer Kyoka was originally cast as Queen Beryl along with Makoto Aikawa. She was set to play as a member of Cast ❤ and Cast ◆, but had to withdraw due to illness, so Aikawa took over all performances before the show in Taiwan, when Juri Hirayu was cast in the role.
  • Since it was created to suit international audiences, this was the first Sailor Moon stage production performed in its original, full form outside of Asia.
  • As part of the Japan Day @ Central Park event on May 14, 2022, an Inner Senshi team participated in the first Japan Parade in New York City, where they greeted the crowd and performed "Moonlight Densetsu." The team consisted of the members from the original "Cast ◆" and "Cast ♪" who were not part of Team America: Natsuki Koga, Umino Kawamura, Kyoko Ninomiya, Shio Yamazaki, and Saaya Goto. On the day before the parade, Natsuki also appeared as Sailor Moon during a New York Mets game at the Japanese Heritage Night at Citi Field. As of this event, all three Sailor Moon actresses of The Super Live have appeared on US soil. Most of this cast later became a part of "Team Taipei," with the exception of Sailor Mercury's actress.
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