Transformation pen (Minako)

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Transformation Item
Minako's transformation pen
Name: Transformation pen
Name (kanji/kana): 変身ペン
English Name: N/A
Item Form (e.g. compact, pen, etc.): Pen
Used by: Minako Aino
To Become: Sailor V/Sailor Venus
Activation Phrase: Moon Power, Transform/Venus Power, Make Up
First Appearance (anime): Act.8 MINAKO - SAILOR V -
First Appearance (manga): The Birth of Sailor V!

Minako's first transformation pen, while following the transformation pen design of the other Inner Senshi in the anime, was different in Codename: Sailor V, the Sailor Moon manga, and Sailor Moon Crystal. This was because it was the same pen she used to become Sailor V and Sailor Venus.

This pen, as well serving as a transformation device, was a communication device through which Boss conversed with Minako and Artemis. It also had magic powers when used for writing; Minako sometimes used it to get perfect scores in school tests, which Artemis did not approve of. In addition, it seemed to have a connection with the Sailor V game, as it reacted whenever someone was scoring particularly well.