Tuxedo Mirage (attack)

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This article is about Tuxedo Mask's attack in the musicals. For the anime ending theme song, see Tuxedo Mirage.

Sera Myu Senshi Attacks
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Attack Name: Tuxedo Mirage
Attack Name (kanji/kana): タキシード・ミラージュ
Performed by: Tuxedo Mask
Item Required: None
First Used: Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth

Tuxedo Mirage was an attack used by Tuxedo Mask in the musicals only. He used this attack in Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth and its revision in order to free the Sailor Senshi when they had been rendered unable to move by Kaolinite's Magus Freeze attack.