Usagi's Parental Love? A Curry Triangle Relationship

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Episode Data
Usagi explains that taste matters more than appearance
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): うさぎの親心? カレーな三角関係
Name (Romaji): Usagi no Oyagokoro? Karee na Sankaku Kankei
Name (Translated): Usagi's Parental Love? A Curry Triangle Relationship
Name (Viz Dub): Usagi's Parental Love: The Curry Romance Triangle
Episode Number: 66
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Shigeru Yanagawa
Animation Director: Katsumi Tamegai
Air Date: August 21, 1993
Previous Episode: Dispute Over Love! Minako and Makoto Face Off
Next Episode: The Sea! An Island! Vacation! The Senshi Relax
First English Dub Episode
Name: A Curried Favor
Number: 60
Company: DiC
Air Date: November 14, 1995
Previous Episode: A Charmed Life
Next Episode: Naughty 'N' Nice

Usagi volunteers to make a curry with Chibiusa for a party at her school, but the local supermarket becomes the latest target for Calaveras and Petz.


At the Tsukino household, Chibiusa is upset because Ikuko and Kenji cannot come to her class activity even though they promised they would, and Shingo agrees with her. Usagi arrives in search of dinner, and Ikuko suggests that she go instead, explaining that Chibiusa's class is having a party where they will make curry together with their parents. Chibiusa immediately rejects the idea, and Usagi storms off angrily.

Later that night Chibiusa stands on the balcony, insisting that she's fine with going by herself. As she remembers a dinner back at home with her parents her facade crumbles and she begins to cry, saying that she wants to have dinner with her Papa and Mama. In the meantime, Luna tries to convince Usagi to be nicer to Chibiusa, but Usagi just wanders off in search of a snack. When she enters the kitchen she finds Chibiusa making a clumsy effort at cooking rice and is about to make fun of her when Chibiusa begins to cry, calling out to her parents. Usagi hesitates, then approaches and suggests that they invite Mamoru to go with them. Chibiusa accuses Usagi of just using her as an excuse to go visit Mamoru, but agrees nonetheless.

Bright and early the next morning Usagi and Chibiusa show up at Mamoru's apartment and invite him to the curry party, but he says he has to work. Chibiusa is disappointed but still says that it's all right, and Mamoru relents and says he'll manage it somehow, though he doesn't know how to make curry. Chibiusa starts to suggest that they can ask Usagi to do it, but realizes what she's saying and stops. Usagi insists that she can make curry, but when Chibiusa and Mamoru suggest that they practice she says she has a lot of things to do and they can go shopping for ingredients later that night.

In the UFO, Petz disdainfully comments on Calaveras' beauty treatments, saying that men who are concerned with appearance aren't worth it. Calaveras taunts Petz about being dumped, but the argument is interrupted when Rubeus appears to say he has located a Crystal Point in the Juuban Supermarket. Petz immediately volunteers, leaving Calaveras to run after her.

The Sailor Senshi gather to teach Usagi how to make curry. Ami lectures Usagi on curry spices, but Rei suggests just using a package of instant curry. Makoto takes over and shows them how to chop vegetables, but when Minako decides to try for herself she cuts her finger, causing momentary alarm as Usagi mistakes a piece of carrot for the tip of Minako's finger.

As Usagi, Mamoru, Luna, and Chibiusa walk to the supermarket to buy ingredients for curry, Chibusa remembers walking in Crystal Tokyo with her mother and father. Without thinking she reaches out to take both Usagi's and Mamoru's hands, and for a moment the three of them all feel at peace. It lasts only for a moment, though, as Chibiusa realizes what she was doing and starts an argument with Usagi.

Inside the supermarket, Petz, Calaveras, and Avogadora are disguised as saleswomen selling "Dark Fruit." All customers who eat the fruit become infected with Dark Power, and when they walk around in the supermarket and touch other products, the entire building becomes contaminated. By the time Chibiusa and the others arrive, they find that all meat in the supermarket is rotten, and Mamoru and Chibiusa leave to buy the ingredients elsewhere. Luna, however, stops Usagi from leaving, saying that there is something strange in the store.

As Mamoru and Chibiusa are shopping they encounter Rei, who is surprised that Usagi isn't with them. Chibiusa insists that she doesn't care about Usagi and asks Rei about how she makes curry. Rei replies that she buys the ready-made packets of curry and pours them over rice. Mamoru mentions the curry party the next day, and Chibiusa asks if Rei is going to be busy.

Back at the store, Usagi and Luna discover that everything they touch turns into dust, which upsets Usagi because she can't use any of the food in the store for her curry rice.

Chibiusa starts to feel guilty, wondering about the feeling she had when she was with Usagi earlier, then finally announces she's going to go back and find Usagi. The others go with her, and ask they approach the supermarket Rei senses an evil aura. She tells Mamoru and Chibiusa to wait there and she runs toward the store.

Inside, the sisters and Avogadora drop their disguises. The customers drop unconscious while Avogadora fills the supermarket with Dark Power, so Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. Luna jumps on top of Avogadora, who easily knocks the cat away and shouts "Banaknife!" as a blade pops out of a banana she's holding. Sailor Moon appears and gives her speech, while Sailor Mars appears, charging in on a rolling shopping cart. Avogadora destroys the cart by slinging a fruit at it, and the Senshi jump away quickly to avoid her attacks. When Avogadora throws a peeled lichee, her bomb is stopped by a rose thrown by Tuxedo Mask, who appears in a window and repeats Sailor Moon's speech.

Tuxedo Mask jumps down to duel Avogadora, using his cane against her Banaknife. Sailor Mars attacks with Burning Mandala, but it is easily blocked by Petz. The two sisters argue about who should attack the Senshi, but Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus arrive and surround them. Tuxedo Mask knocks Avogadora down, giving Sailor Moon the chance to finish her off with Moon Princess Halation. The sisters teleport away, and the customers wake up as the Dark Power fades and the products in the supermarket return to normal.

Back in Mamoru's kitchen, Usagi makes curry while Mamoru and Chibiusa look on nervously. The curry she makes looks bad, but they are surprised to find that it tastes good, and Chibiusa is pleased that she'll be able to make good curry rice at the party the next day.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • At the beginning of the episode, Calaveras was wearing three lemon slices on her face as a beauty mask. When Rubeus appeared and the two sisters snapped to attention, Calaveras hid the lemon slices by eating them.
  • The first time Usagi was shown making curry for dinner, in episode 45, it did not turn out very well. Her second effort, in this episode, was much better.
  • A scene where Minako thought she had cut her finger while preparing curry was cut from this episode in the first English dub, but was still seen in the Sailor Says segment.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, as of this episode Cristina Hernández played Rini, Gerardo Reyero played Darien, Paco Mauri played Wiseman, and Calaverite and Petzite switched voices, with Belinda Martínez playing Calaverite and Magda Giner playing Petzite. Also in that dub, Serena and Mamá Ikuko called Chibiusa by her original name at the beginning of the episode, but she was called "Rini" for the rest of the episode.


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