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Character Information
Name: Sailor Astri
Name (kanji/kana): N/A
Alignment: Seles System
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Lives: Santa Cruz, California, America
Occupation: Author and archivist
Family: Mother, Sailor Cocoon
Associates: Seles Senshi
Aliases: Ian
First Anime Appearance: Episode 201: Throwing the Rice! The Beloveds' Wedding!
First Manga Appearance: Act 53 - Libra
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Sailor Astri
Actors: Ian Sentelik
Sailor Mars

Seles Senshi[edit]

The Senshi of the tiny Seles System near the center of the Milky Way, located between the Tenkan System and Zero Star Sagittarius on the inner edge of the galaxy. During the Silver Millennium their princess, Sun Princess Celestia, was sent to the Moon Kingdom in a capacity midway between an ambassador and a transfer student, where she became fast friends with the young lunar princess, Serenity. When Serenity and Princes Endymion of Earth fell in love, Princess Celestia was their courier, transporting their love letters back and forth in the utmost secrecy with the help of her Mauan kitten Eos. Unfortunately for her, she happened to be caught alone in between the two planetary bodies during the invasion of the Dark Kingdom, and she was placed into Eternal Sleep by Queen Beryl.

When Sailor Moon defeated Queen Metallia and overthrew the Dark Kingdom, Celestia and Eos were freed from their imprisonment and began to bumble around on Earth, having no idea what was going on. Celestia fell victim to several of the Black Moon Family's energy-contamination plots before she wised up to their existence, by which time Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi had defeated them already. Learning about Sailor Moon, Princess Celestia became fired-up on the concept of "fighting evil by moonlight," and prematurely activated her senshi powers, becoming Sailor Celestia. While she persistently practiced her "Solar Tiara Action" (a skill she didn't have, and therefore would prove never to work,) Sailor Moon discovered, battled, and defeated the Death Busters.

Sailor Celestia was now determined to jump on board with Sailor Moon and the other senshi, but couldn't find them, not knowing their real identities and somehow always being on the opposite side of town from the newest wave of threat, the Dead Moon Circus. At this time, however, her "faithful" senshi from her home system of Seles - Sailors Astri, Empyrean, Sublime, and Ether - came to Earth in search of her, having just gotten the news that the Silver Millennium had fallen. (Word travels slowly in the Uncharted Territories.)

At roughly this same time, the Amazoness Quartet accidentally let the Circus' corral of "failed" Lemures (creatures made from dreams that weren't quite nightmares, and thus were mostly useless when it came to fighting) loose into Tokyo. Zirconia, having much more important things to worry about (like the Quartet itself) decided to ignore this, and as the creatures were more amusing than dangerous, they never attacked humans and never came to the attention of the Sailor Senshi. They DID, however, one by one, run into Celestia, who consistently managed to upset them, cause them to attack her, and get herself "saved" by the other Seles Senshi, who would - despite the Lemures' lack of fighting prowess - consistently find themselves on the verge of defeat, usually due to badly-aimed or uncontrollable attacks. At this point, Sailor Celestia would step in to save them with her Celestial Shining Dawn attack, the Seles Senshi would fail to recognize her as the princess they were looking for (thinking that their princess could not become a senshi,) and they would all part baffled. Finally Eos accidentally blabbed that Sailor Celestia was PRINCESS Celestia, causing the Senshi to happily reunite mere seconds before Sailor Moon engaged in her final battle with the Dead Moon. When the smoke died down, Celestia had now missed defeating the Dead Moon Circus, but she was so happy to be reunited with her old friends that she didn't care.

Of course, then Galaxia came along and stole the Senshi's starseeds, killing them all.

When Galaxia and Chaos were defeated and the Galaxy Cauldron rejuvenated the starseeds of all of the murdered senshi, the Seles Senshi were of course also revived. Clueless as ever, they had no idea what had just happened and concluded that Celestia had finally made her Solar Tiara Action work, breaking all laws of physics and causing Galaxia to run away in fear. Happy with this explanation, the Seles Senshi prepared to head back to Seles only to encounter the last of the failed Lemures, a wedding fanatic named Shirashirashirahime who was crashing the wedding of Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru. As Usagi prepared to duck aside to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon, the Seles Senshi burst onto the scene, electrocuting each other, setting things on fire, and generally causing chaos in their attempts to defeat the Lemures. Finally Sailor Moon defeated the Lemures with her Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss, only to see her wedding cake smashed by accident. Understandably furious, she, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus administered justice - which is to say, a mega-beatdown - on the hapless Seles Senshi.

The wedding was postponed until it could be put back together, but in the meantime, a force more threatening than the Seles Senshi's clumsiness arrived on Earth: the Night Terrors. Who are they? What are they? And, the first time this question has needed asking: what are they taking from their victims?

Sailor Celestia[edit]

Sailor Celestia
"We are the Senshi of the Celes System! Champions of Courage!"
Gender Female
Human Name Sarah
Likes Cooking, fighting evil
Dislikes The fact that she can't throw a Moon Tiara
Favorite Colors Pink, gold
Transformation Celestial Sun Power, Make Up!
Weapon True Love Baton
Special Attacks Solar Tiara Action (never works)
Celestial Shining Dawn
Light Mirage! Disguise!
Accessories Solar Tiara, Dazzling Pen, Hizuishou

Princess of the Seles System, her kingdom is the small, bright sun of the system, known as Seles. Princess Celestia is a kind, sweet, loving, sensitive ruler, but very young and inexperienced; she went to the Moon Kingdom of the Sol System to learn how to rule, but ended up a captive of the Dark Kingdom. Finally released years later, she became a fan of Sailor Moon (not realizing that she was her old friend, Princess Serenity) and prematurely unleashed her senshi powers, becoming Sailor Celestia.

Celestia (or Sarah, as her everyday identity is known) is the kindest person you'll ever meet, but also one of the clumsiest, both socially and physically. Here is a girl who would give Usagi a run for her money as Klutz Queen of the Galaxy - bad luck practically breathes off her like mist from dry ice. She loves jokes and word games, but ruins every single joke she retells (and heaven forbid she make up her own). She is extremely uncoordinated, physically weak, and has no depth perception whatsoever, which makes for real disasters in her senshi form.

As Sailor Celestia, she is devoted to the ideal of upholding truth and justice. Lies, injustice, and wanton cruelty send her into a furious rage, during which she conveys marginally more threat than a lollipop. The main power of her senshi form is her powerful Celestial Shining Dawn attack, which is almost as powerful as Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack, but she rarely uses it; owing to her obsession with Sailor Moon, she insists on perfecting her "Solar Tiara Action" attack, which not only never works, but never fails to have disastrous consequences. Her real specialty is her version of the Luna Pen, called the Dazzling Pen; Sailor Celestia is an expert at using its "Light Mirage! Disguise!" power to sneak around anywhere she shouldn't be.

Sailor Astri[edit]

Sailor Astri
"Oh, my Bradamant far away now..."
Gender Male
Human Name Ian
Likes Books, butterflies, ball gowns
Dislikes Stupid people
Favorite Colors Green, brown
Transformation Astri Planet Power, Make Up!
Weapon Astral Tome
Special Attacks Spontaneous combustion (unspoken)
Literary Flare
Astral Library from Hell
Accessories Helen, Herman, and Hera, his loyal butterflies

Known as the Sailor Archivist, Sailor Astri is a bit of a biological mistake, as he is male, which ought to be impossible. He chalks it up to the unusual meeting of his parents, Sailor Spica and Sailor Cocoon, as Spica was disguised as a man in a manner similar to the Starlights at the time, but as they don't talk much about it, he's not certain one way or the other. Whatever the cause, he is is universe's greatest historian, who has chronicled every occurrence in the galaxy since the creation of the Galaxy Cauldron. His home, Bradamant Castle, is an opulent library filled with books on every subject you can imagine (and several you can't,) and contains the only full set of his historical tomes. He is paranoid and extremely overprotective, and as such has covered the entire castle in booby-traps to discourage would-be book thieves. He detests leaving his beloved Bradamant Castle for any reason, but Sailor Empyrean and Sailor Sublime finally managed to persuade him to accompany them to Earth in search of Celestia because: A) she's his princess, and B) they took a book and threatened to dogear its pages.

Astri (known as Ian on Earth) is a surly, suspicious individual with two great weaknesses: books, and pretty feminine things such as fans, parasols, flowers, and ball gowns. He is an avid dress shopper and resorts to crossdressing every single time disguises are necessary, so much so that some people in Tokyo know "Dahlia" (his female persona) better than they know "Ian." Naturally he adores books, and the mere threat of mistreating one in front of him reduces him to a blubbering wreck. As his mother is Sailor Cocoon, he has an affinity for butterflies, causing him to often be surrounded by them in a manner reminiscent of Disney princesses.

As Sailor Astri, he possesses power over fire, which is not-so-subtly manifested in his uncontrollable ability to cause things to spontaneously combust when upset or angry. As Astri gets angry so reliably that you could set your clock by it, objects around him burst into flames with monotonous regularity, usually his attendant butterflies and/ or whatever book he happens to be reading at the time. The butterflies are usually dazed but unharmed, while the books inevitably burn to cinders, which sends him into a homicidal rampage. His Literary Flare is a conscious combustion of any written words, meaning he usually has to write "STUPID" or "MORON" on the enemy's head before he can use it; his ultimate attack, the Astral Library from Hell, summons a myriad of ghostly books that fire streams of fireballs from their pages.

Sailor Empyrean[edit]

Sailor Empyrean
"I am not pleased."
Gender Female
Human Name Kirstie
Likes Coffee, ferrets, little kids
Dislikes Bunnies, dirt
Transformation Empyrean Planet Power, Make Up!
Weapon Imperious Tail
Special Attacks Thunder Tail
Empyreal Thunder Pack
Accessories N/A

Sailor Empyrean has bullied, insulted, and disparaged Princess Celestia for longer than either of them can remember, constantly despairing of her clumsiness and groaning at her misguided attempts to make jokes. Then Celestia went to the Moon Kingdom and Empyrean began to spend her days moping around Draco Castle with her infinite amount of pet ferrets. Many years after it had actually happened, news finally reached the Seles System that the Moon Kingdom had been destroyed and Celestia had gone missing, and the speed with which Sailor Empyrean responded quietly belied her claims of Celestia-hatred.

Empyrean (who goes by Kirstie on Earth) is harsh, blunt, obnoxious, and crude, with more passion than she knows what to do with. She loves violent animals that scare other people and owns a seemingly endless menagerie of them, her favorite being the two ferrets Annika and Xavier. Until she has had her sixth cup of coffee, she considers herself sleepwalking, and woe betide you if you disturb her when she's in Coffee Absorption mode. Woe betide you as well if you don't meet her impossible measures of cleanliness, which cause her to transform into her Sailor Senshi form twice a week just so that she can take her fuku to the dry cleaner's. Most unusually, she is drop-dead, run-away-screaming, have-a-heart-attack-and-die afraid...of bunnies. Nobody understands why.

As Sailor Empyrean, she is the second-strongest of the Seles Senshi, behind only Sailor Celestia. Unfortunately, she comes from the "Oops, was that your city?" school of fighting (along with Lina Inverse and Maki Umezaki,) which means that every time she gears up for a fight, everybody else dives for cover. She attacks using the Imperious Tail, a cute fluffy little tail she hooks onto the bow on her skirt, and primarily with her favorite attack, Thunder Tail, which channels electricity through it. Her goal is to charge the tail and then hit her target with it; however, she has so much uncontrolled power that the tail usually ends up electrocuting everybody around her first. Her ultimate attack, Empyreal Thunder Pack, transforms Annika and Xavier into an army of lightning-trailing thunder ferrets, or kamaitachi, who then rampage over the area without care and destroy everything in their path. If Sailor Empyrean was boosted by enough outside power, this attack could conceivably create enough ferrets to destroy entire planets.

Sailor Sublime[edit]

Sailor Ether[edit]

Side Characters[edit]

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