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I recently started watching Sailor Moon. I'm currently on the 4th series, Sailormoon SuperS. I like to look up the meaning of the monsters-of-the-day names on Wikimoon.

Location: USA
Favorite hero: Luna P
Favorite villain: Nephrite
Favorite background music: Hoshizora ha Mysterious and Uranus, Soshite, Neptune

Favorite episodes[edit]

First favorite[edit]

At first I thought Chibiusa was part of the bad-guy team because both she and the bad guys were after the silver crystal. My favorite episode is An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl From the Sky. It's the best episode. I like that Shingo calls his sister "Stupid Usagi" in this episode to distinguish her from their "cousin" also named Usagi (Chibiusa). I like it when Chibiusa holds Usagi at gunpoint. And I like it when Chibiusa tries to drug Usagi and her friends, but she missed Usagi, and Usagi beats her, but at the end of the episode Usagi ends up liking Chibiusa.

Second favorite[edit]

I like it in A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenou when Haruka keaps leading on Minako and Usagi, and then at the end of the episode Minako and Usagi find out that they've been chasing a girl around the whole time.

Third favorite[edit]

It's funny in Seeking Friends! Chibi Moon's Actions when Chibiusa transforms while falling over, and the monster-of-the day takes a tea break after discovering that Sailor Chibi Moon's attack didn't have enough range to reach her. Then Usagi shows up covered in leaves and twigs after trying to crawl through the same hole Chibiusa had used to get to the monster.