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Nickname :: reirei18

Year of Birth :: 1987
Location :: Canada
Hobby :: drawing anime
Influences :: sailor moon (Naoko Takeuchi)
Current Goal :: to be recognized by Naoko Takeuchi... (lol..........)
Music :: OPM (MYMP), Japanese (Utada Hikaru), Korean (BoA), Thai (Golf-Mike)


  • real name unknown
  • age usually mistaken 2-3yrs younger
  • born in Philippines ∴half-asian
  • can speak 3 languages (tagalog, english, japanese)
  • goes to different forums a lot
  • 40% of my day is spent on watching anime
  • likes to draw a lot but I'm taking Nursing
  • collecting sailor moon stuff (i want to have the backpack!! but dunno where to buy it.. T.T)

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