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Character Information
Name: Sailor Leo ♌
Name (kanji/kana): セーラーレオ
Alignment: Moon Kingdom
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Lives: Regulus, Tokyo, Mau
Occupation: School Girl
Family: unknown
Associates: The Sailor Zodiac
Aliases: Youko Inoue (井上 陽子 Inoue Youko), Sailor Constellation Leo, Sailor Solar Leo
First Anime Appearance: N/A
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Dale Inoue
Actors: N/A

Sailor Leo is a Otaku Senshi made up by me [know as SailorLeo]. She is a fanmade character based off the Sailor Moon universe. Little or no information is known about Sailor Leo as of yet




  • Leo Celestial Power, Make Up - Uses her Sun Rod to transform into Sailor Leo.


  • Solar Feline Attack - Sailor Leo sends blast of lion shaped golden energy that claws the enemy
  • Leo Sun Ray/Beam - Sailor Leo uses uses her Amber Crescent Staff to fire star shaped beams at the opposition.
  • Mirror Star Net - Sailor Leo summons up a golden net resembling the Constellation of Leo the Lion used to immobilise/trap opponants.


Sailor Leo has light brown elbow length curly hair and dark brow eyes


Sailor Leo's sailor fuku is very different from the ones worn by the Solar System Senshi or perhaps any other senshi but still contains many of the main aspects of the original sailor fuku.

The Sailor Zodiac's sailor fuku were two-piece outfits made up of a fitted tube top-like top which had a double bow and star brooch in its center and a sailor collar attached, and hotpants. They all wore long gloves that went to elbow height or similar. And all wore beaded tiaras which had a five-pointed star in the center.

Star Leo's primary color was a dark red violet. Sailor Leo had mismatched gold earings, left was a crescent moon and right was a five point star. Two crisscrossed beaded belts on adorn her fitted hotpants which appeared to be fastened by a crescent moon and jewel ornament. Knee length boots, off the shoulder sleeves attached to her top piece and a choker with a single star.

(although modifications have been made to the sailor fuku design it doesn't belong to me [SailorLeo] in anyway but the Sailor Leo concept remains a creation cedited to me [SailorLeo])


  • I came up with the name Youko Inoue whilst searching the net of course but the first name - Youko (陽子) apparently means 'Child of the Sun' which is rather appropriate since Leo is assiciated with the Sun though her last name is more insignificant because it means 'Over the Well' but is one of the top 17 japanese surnames in Japan so... I'm cool


And now for the real stuffs ---> omg smiley face :)

Short & Extremely thin, (I can't gain weight D:)
Curly brown hair & Hazel eyes,
Caucasian olive skin. :o :s :)

Leo, 20th August
Birthstone, Peridot/Ruby
Blood type, A
I love colours but too much black and/or white depresses me...

I'm a school girl in Australia with a fetish for Sailor Moon and other childish things, a love of art, Star Wars & food. I draw, play rpg games like World Of Warcraft, dream about...things and have a deep passion for everything I associate myself with (often a creepy stalker obsession).

I also tend to hate things I hate with uncommon hatred. lol hate... And I have a thing for being a bit vociferous in an over the top glamerous type of way. I can't give a shyte if you dislike my bad grammar but atleast I don't degrade myself bi rytin lyk diz. Be grateful, lolz >]

I like learning funky new words...

And I hate perfectionists...

My favourite SM characters are Sailor Uranus (and perhaps the rest of the Outer Senshi), Sailor Star Fighter/Seiya, Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask, Diana, Artemis, The Sailor Quartet, Helios & Perle. My favourite SM transformation is Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up and my fav Daimon is Scar (-laughs histarically-) My favourite episodes are, 183 & 184. <3

I dislike Sailor Tin Nyanko, Yaten, Chibiusa & Sailor Moon's english voice in SailorS

I like to go by the name Chamo-chan (though my real life friends haven't embrassed me using japanese titles) but Cham will do just fine :)

Cool Thingos[edit]

Wonderful song

OMG japanese names

[Umeko 梅子 Sato 佐藤

Ryouko 涼子 Haruka 遥

Momoko 桃子 Ayame あやめ

Sakura 桜 Youko 陽子 ,

Zomg! my children are gonna have freaky japanese names! Horrah for weirdos like me!]

===More About Me=== (like you care) I'm trying to learn japanese! mind I gave up on Kanji as soon as look at it (plus theres like...over 1000 kanji characters so that may have something to do with it too...)

Also attempting to learn french but I've lost a bit of faith in myself as I fail to gather up much motivation for any personal projects like that...

I have a fetish for blossom fruit! y'know Peaches, Cherries, Apricots, Plums etc. I think it may be a mental problem or something that I plan to name all my pets/children after food... Vanilla Bean, Momo, Ume, Mint, Cinnamon... YUMMMAAAAYYY

(pardon me if I'm starting to get on peoples nerves with my persistent editing popping up on the recent changes page)